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CHAPTER 20:04:32




20:04:32:01        Definitions.

20:04:32:02        Satellite licenses.

20:04:32:03        Satellite applications.

20:04:32:04        License fees and renewals.

20:04:32:05        Contracts required.

20:04:32:06        Providing of commingled pools.

20:04:32:07        Notice to commission of hours of operation.

20:04:32:08        Licensing of employees at satellite facilities.

20:04:32:08.01   Employee wagering on site prohibited.

20:04:32:09        Inspection of satellite facility.

20:04:32:10        Approval of transmission method.

20:04:32:11        Separate transmission of data.

20:04:32:12        Satellite facility transactions to be maintained as separate account.

20:04:32:13        Testing of satellite equipment.

20:04:32:14        Availability of replacement equipment.

20:04:32:15        Licensee responsible for reporting delays.

20:04:32:16        Display post times.

20:04:32:17        Availability of official daily programs.

20:04:32:18        Posting of previous day's results.

20:04:32:19        Television or video monitors required.

20:04:32:20        Information to be provided.

20:04:32:21        Video display breakdown of odds.

20:04:32:22        Discovery of violations.

20:04:32:23        Patron complaints.

20:04:32:24        Patron disputes.

20:04:32:25        Satellite wagering procedures.

20:04:32:26        Tournaments -- Prior approval of executive secretary needed.

20:04:32:27        Tournaments -- Statement to executive secretary.

20:04:32:28        Licensee may determine purse in tournaments.

20:04:32:29        Amount retained by licensee in tournaments.

20:04:32:30        Report to commission in tournaments.

20:04:32:31        Pari-mutuel ticket.

20:04:32:32        Sale of pari-mutuel tickets.

20:04:32:33        Wrong ticket claims.

20:04:32:34        Surrender of pari-mutuel tickets required.

20:04:32:35        Repealed.

20:04:32:36        Displaying of ticket cashing procedures.

20:04:32:37        Handle reports required.

20:04:32:38        Payment of fees and deductions to the commission -- Time frames.

20:04:32:39        Failure to file -- Penalties.

20:04:32:40        Transfer of moneys between host tracks and satellite provider.

20:04:32:41        Accounting records.

20:04:32:42        Record retention -- Noncompliance.

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