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CHAPTER 20:06:03



20:06:03:01        Definitions.

20:06:03:02        Limitations on definitions.

20:06:03:03        Scope of chapter.

20:06:03:04        Proxies, consents, and authorizations.

20:06:03:05        Disclosure of equivalent information.

20:06:03:06        Information to be furnished to stockholders.

20:06:03:07        Requirements as to proxy.

20:06:03:08        Material required to be filed.

20:06:03:09        False or misleading statements.

20:06:03:10        Prohibition of certain solicitations.

20:06:03:11        Special provisions applicable to election contests.

20:06:03:12        Participant or participants in a solicitation.

20:06:03:13        Limitations on definitions.

20:06:03:14        Filing of information required.

20:06:03:15        Time for filing.

20:06:03:16        Opposition solicitation.

20:06:03:17        Additional participants.

20:06:03:18        Material changes.

20:06:03:19        Files are public.

20:06:03:20        Solicitations prior to furnishing required written proxy statement.

20:06:03:21        Solicitations prior to furnishing required written proxy statement and filing requirements and application to report.

20:06:03:22        Information required in proxy statement -- Schedule a.

20:06:03:23        Dissenters' rights of appraisal.

20:06:03:24        Persons making solicitations excluded.

20:06:03:25        Interest of certain persons in matters to be acted upon.

20:06:03:26        Stocks and principal stockholders.

20:06:03:27        Nominees and directors.

20:06:03:28        Remuneration and other transactions with management and others.

20:06:03:29        Bonus, profit sharing, and other remuneration plans.

20:06:03:30        Pension and retirement plan.

20:06:03:31        Options, warrants, or rights.

20:06:03:32        Authorization or issuance of stock.

20:06:03:33        Mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, and similar matters.

20:06:03:34        Restatement of accounts.

20:06:03:35        Matters not required to be submitted.

20:06:03:36        Amendment of charter, by-laws, or other documents.

20:06:03:37        Information to be included in statements filed by or on behalf of a participant (other than the insurer) in a proxy solicitation in an election contest -- Schedule b.

20:06:03:38        Interest in stock of the insurer.

20:06:03:39        Further matters.

20:06:03:40        Certification.

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