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CHAPTER 20:06:10



20:06:10:01        Definitions.

20:06:10:02        Advertisements and solicitations subject to regulations.

20:06:10:02.01   General requirements.

20:06:10:03        Method of disclosure of required information.

20:06:10:04        Form and content of health and life insurance advertisements and solicitations.

20:06:10:04.01   Form and content of life insurance advertisements and solicitations.

20:06:10:05        Advertisements or solicitations of benefits payable, losses covered, or premiums payable.

20:06:10:05.01   Health insurance advertisements or solicitations of benefits payable, losses covered, or premiums payable.

20:06:10:06        Exceptions, reductions, and limitations.

20:06:10:07        Preexisting conditions in health insurance policies.

20:06:10:08        Necessity for disclosing policy provisions relating to renewability, cancelability, and termination.

20:06:10:08.01   Health insurance advertisement or solicitation rate disclosures.

20:06:10:08.02   Health insurance advertisement or solicitation disclosure statements.

20:06:10:08.03   Short term major medical advertising disclosure.

20:06:10:09        Testimonials or endorsements by third parties.

20:06:10:10        Use of statistics.

20:06:10:11        Identification of plan or number of policies.

20:06:10:12        Disparaging comparisons and statements.

20:06:10:13        Jurisdictional licensing and status of insurer.

20:06:10:14        Identity of insurer and agent.

20:06:10:15        Group or quasi-group implications.

20:06:10:16        Introductory, initial, or special offers.

20:06:10:17        Statements about an insurer.

20:06:10:18        Repealed.

20:06:10:19        Repealed.

20:06:10:20        Penalty.

20:06:10:21        Disclosure requirements.

20:06:10:22        Equivalent level annual dividend of a life insurance policy.

20:06:10:23        Equivalent level death benefit of a life insurance policy.

20:06:10:24        Life insurance surrender cost index.

20:06:10:25        Life insurance net payment cost index.

20:06:10:26        Life insurance policy summary.

20:06:10:27        Life insurance policy summary requirements.

20:06:10:28        Failure to comply.

20:06:10:29        Effective date.

20:06:10:30        Life insurance buyer's guide.

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