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CHAPTER 20:06:31



20:06:31:01        Reinsurer licensed in this state.

20:06:31:02        Accredited reinsurers.

20:06:31:03        Reinsurer domiciled and licensed in another jurisdiction.

20:06:31:04        Repealed.

20:06:31:04.01   Group of incorporated insurers under common administration.

20:06:31:04.02   Trust liabilities.

20:06:31:04.03   Trust assets and investments.

20:06:31:04.04   Government obligations.

20:06:31:04.05   Securities ratings.

20:06:31:04.06   Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

20:06:31:04.07   Investment limitations.

20:06:31:04.08   Definition of mortgage-related security.

20:06:31:04.09   Equity interests.

20:06:31:04.10   Obligations guaranteed by multinational development banks.

20:06:31:04.11   Investment companies.

20:06:31:04.12   Limitations on investment companies.

20:06:31:04.13   Letters of credit.

20:06:31:05        Jurisdiction defined.

20:06:31:05.01   Security for risks located in foreign or alien jurisdictions.

20:06:31:06        Reduction from liability for reinsurance ceded to an unauthorized assuming insurer.

20:06:31:07        Trust agreements qualified under SDCL 58-14-16 -- Definitions.

20:06:31:08        Trust agreements qualified under SDCL 58-14-16 -- Required conditions.

20:06:31:09        Trust agreements in conjunction with reinsurance agreements covering certain risks.

20:06:31:09.01   Trust agreements established under SDCL 58-14-16.

20:06:31:09.02   Assets deposited in trust account.

20:06:31:10        Trust agreements qualified under SDCL 58-14-16 -- Permitted conditions.

20:06:31:11        Trust agreements qualified under SDCL 58-14-16 -- Additional conditions applicable to reinsurance agreements -- Assets.

20:06:31:12        Reinsurance agreements -- Transfer of assets.

20:06:31:13        Use of trust agreement to reduce liability for reinsurance.

20:06:31:14        Acceptability of existing trust agreements.

20:06:31:15        Actions of director unaffected by failure to identify beneficiary.

20:06:31:16        Other security.

20:06:31:17        Contracts affected.

20:06:31:18        Letters of credit qualified under SDCL 58-14-16.

20:06:31:19        Heading and term for letters of credit.

20:06:31:20        Letter of credit issued by a financial institution.

20:06:31:21        Reinsurance agreements in conjunction with letters of credit.

20:06:31:22        Interest payments and amounts drawn in excess.

20:06:31:23        Letters of credit and Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits.

20:06:31:24        Insolvency and intermediary clauses.

20:06:31:25        Certified reinsurers.

20:06:31:26        Certified reinsurers - certification procedure.

20:06:31:27        Certified reinsurers - ratings.

20:06:31:28        Certified reinsurers - prompt payment of claims.

20:06:31:29        Certified reinsurers - form filing.

20:06:31:30        Certified reinsurers - filing requirements.

20:06:31:31        Certified reinsurers - change in rating or revocation of certification.

20:06:31:32        Certified reinsurers - qualified jurisdictions.

20:06:31:33        Certified reinsurers - recognition of certification.

Appendix A       Repealed.

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