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20:09:01             Definitions.

20:09:02             Initiated procedures.

20:09:03             Appeals.

20:09:03.01        Formal hearing for Section 8 existing housing programs and relocation assistance for displaced persons, Repealed.

20:09:04             General provisions.

20:09:05             Home ownership loans.

20:09:06             Rental housing loans.

20:09:07             Subdivision development mortgages, Repealed.

20:09:08             Interim construction loans, Repealed.

20:09:09             Single-family portfolio purchases, Repealed.

20:09:10             Housing rehabilitation loans.

20:09:11             Definitions applicable to energy conservation chapters, Repealed.

20:09:12             Minimum energy conservation standards for existing housing, Repealed.

20:09:13             Minimum energy conservation standards for new housing -- General requirements, Repealed.

20:09:14             Thermal design requirements for new housing, Repealed.

20:09:15             Minimum energy conservation standards for new housing -- Energy budget approach, Repealed.

20:09:16             Minimum energy conservation standards for new housing -- Building design by component performance, Repealed.

20:09:17             Minimum energy conservation standards for new housing -- Prescription requirements approach, Repealed.

20:09:18             Tables, equations, and values, Repealed.

20:09:19             Certification of inspectors, Repealed.

20:09:20             Rural Economic and Community Development cooperative rental assistance program, Repealed.

20:09:21             Nonprofit housing development program, Repealed.

20:09:22             Mortgage assistance program (MAP), Repealed.

20:09:23             Reserved

20:09:24             Rural site development program.

20:09:25             Flexible lending/guarantee program.

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