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          20:48:04.01:15.  Medication administration curriculum. The training curriculum for delegated medication administration must include:


          (1)  General information relevant to the administration of medications, including:


               (a)  Governmental regulations related to the practice of nursing, the administration of medication, and the storage, administration, and recording of controlled substances;

               (b)  Ethical issues;

               (c)  Terminology, abbreviations, and symbols;

               (d)  Medication administration systems;

               (e)  Forms of medication;

               (f)  Procedures and routes of medication administration;

               (g)  Medication references available;

               (h)  The role of unlicensed assistance personnel in administering medications;

               (i)  The rights of medication administration: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, right route, right documentation; and

               (j)  Infection control policies and procedures;


          (2)  An overview of the major categories of medications related to the body systems, including:


               (a)  Cardiovascular;

               (b)  Endocrine;

               (c)  Gastrointestinal;

               (d)  Integumentary;

               (e)  Musculoskeletal;

               (f)  Nervous;

               (g)  Reproductive;

               (h)  Respiratory;

               (i)  Sensory;

               (j)  Urinary; and

               (k)  Immune;


          (3)  Additional instruction shall include those categories of medications relevant to the health care setting where the unlicensed person will be employed; and


          (4)  Clinical or laboratory instruction for the purpose of demonstration of medication administration and evaluation of individual competence.


          Source: 21 SDR 13, effective August 7, 1994; 26 SDR 174, effective July 4, 2000; 41 SDR 12, effective July 31, 2014.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-33A-2, 36-9-21.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-33A-1, 36-9-3, 36-9-4, 36-9-4.1, 36-9-21.


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