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          20:48:04.02:05.  Nursing tasks that may be delegated to dialysis technician. The following nursing tasks may be delegated to a dialysis technician, if the delegation is in compliance with the general criteria for delegation and supervision set forth in ยงยง 20:48:04.01:01 and 20:48:04.01:02, respectively, and a licensed nurse is physically present in the dialysis unit:

          (1)  Assemble any necessary supplies at the bedside;

          (2)  Rinse and prime dialyzer and attach and install all required tubing according to dialysis prescription and unit protocol. Test and set monitors and alarms according to unit protocol;

          (3)  Obtain pre-dialysis vital signs, weight, and temperature and inform registered nurse of abnormal or unusual findings;

          (4)  Inspect access site and report condition to registered nurse;

          (5)  Perform venipuncture to initiate dialysis including the administration of local anesthetics by the intradermal, subcutaneous, or topical routes;

          (6)  Obtain blood samples and blood cultures from peripheral blood lines, access site, or graft;

          (7)  Administer loading and maintenance doses of heparin according to prescribed protocol. May perform clotting times and shall report results to the registered nurse;

          (8)  Measure and adjust blood flow rates according to prescribed protocol;

          (9)  Calculate, determine, and adjust fluid removal rates according to prescribed protocol;

          (10)  Monitor and record dialysis treatment parameters and make treatment adjustments including dialysis equipment settings, client positioning, and the administration of normal and hypertonic saline, as directed by the registered nurse. Report all changes to the registered nurse;

          (11)  Monitor equipment for safe and proper functioning, respond to alarms, and make appropriate adjustments;

          (12)  Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation measures in the event of a cardiac and/or pulmonary emergency. Respond to dialysis-related emergencies immediately seeking assistance from the registered nurse;

          (13)  Discontinue dialysis and establish hemostasis upon direction of the registered nurse;

          (14)  Inspect, clean, and dress access according to unit protocol, reporting any unusual finding or occurrence to the registered nurse; and

          (15)  Discard dialysis supplies and sanitize equipment.

          Source: 24 SDR 165, effective June 1, 1998.

          General Authority:SDCL 36-9-21.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 36-9-3, 36-9-4, 36-9-4.1, 36-9-21.

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