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          20:48:04.02:08.  Standards for approval of training programs for dialysis technicians. An institution or individual desiring to offer a training program for dialysis technicians must submit an application for approval to the board. The board shall approve a training program upon proof that the training program meets the following requirements:

          (1)  The training program is based on the training curriculum outlined in ยง 20:48:04.02:09 and includes no less than 80 hours of classroom instruction and an additional 200 hours of clinical or laboratory instruction;

          (2)  The person teaching the training program is currently licensed as a registered nurse in South Dakota and has a minimum of two years of clinical nursing experience and a minimum of one year of experience in hemodialysis. A person currently licensed as a practical nurse in South Dakota with a minimum of two years of clinical nursing experience and a minimum of one year experience in hemodialysis may assist in classroom instruction and serve as a preceptor in the clinical portion of the training program;

          (3)  The faculty to student ratio does not exceed 1:2 in the clinical setting. A 1:1 ratio is required for a skills performance evaluation;

          (4)  Written tests are developed for each unit in the curriculum, including a final test. A skills performance evaluation must be conducted;

          (5)  A score of 85 percent or greater is required on each unit test with an opportunity to retake each unit test one time without additional instruction. If the student fails a unit test a second time, additional instruction is required before further testing is allowed:

          (6)  A completion certificate is awarded to a student who has successfully completed the training program. The certificate must include the name and location of the institution, the length of the program, the date of completion, the full name of the student who completed the program, the signature of the individual in charge of the course, and the date the certificate was awarded; and

          (7)  Records are maintained which include documentation of the following:

               (a)  Each student enrolled in the program, including documentation of performance, and the date and reason the student withdrew or the date the student failed or completed the program;

               (b)  Each individual teaching the program, including qualifications and nursing experience;

               (c)  The curriculum plan and revisions;

               (d)  Any test administered; and

               (e)  A list of graduates of the program who were awarded certificates and the date of the award.

          The institution or individual offering the training program shall submit an evaluation of the curriculum and program standards for compliance with this section to the board every two years in order to maintain approval.

          Source: 24 SDR 165, effective June 1, 1998.

          General Authority:SDCL 36-9-21.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 36-9-3, 36-9-4, 36-9-4.1, 36-9-21.

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