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          20:48:07:34.  Preceptors. Clinical preceptors may be used to enhance clinical learning experiences after a student has received clinical and didactic instruction in a specific clinical area as defined in ยง 20:48:07:30(3) or 20:48:07:30.01. When preceptors are used in the nursing program, the following criteria must be demonstrated:


          (1)  Preceptors are utilized in a supportive role to the program faculty. The program retains ultimate responsibility for student learning and evaluation;


          (2)  Policies are developed by the nursing education program for the selection, evaluation, and reappointment of preceptors;


          (3)  Preceptors are licensed at or above the level for which the student is preparing. Written qualifications are developed which address licensure, educational preparation, experience, and competence in nursing practice for the level of nursing education being offered;


          (4)  Preceptors receive information and orientation regarding:


               (a)  The program's philosophy;

               (b)  Purpose and outcomes;

               (c)  Curriculum;

               (d)  Pertinent policies and procedures;

               (e)  Learning objectives for the clinical or practicum experience;

               (f)  The role and responsibilities of the preceptors, students, and the nursing program faculty;

               (g)  The evaluation procedure and forms to be used; and

               (h)  Any information regarding the individual student's knowledge, abilities, and skills which is needed to assure safe client care;


          (5)  The rationale for the ratio of students to preceptors is documented by the program;


          (6)  Written procedures are developed and implemented for the faculty to take responsibility for students when preceptors are unavailable; and


          (7)  Advanced practice nursing preceptors practice in a comparable role, focus, or specialty area as the student's area of study.


          Source: 18 SDR 107, effective December 30, 1991; 31 SDR 26, effective September 8, 2004; 45 SDR 9, effective July 30, 2018.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-9-21(8), 36-9A-41.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-9-58, 36-9A-5, 36-9A-21.1.


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