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CHAPTER 20:81:04



20:81:04:01        Applicability of rules.

20:81:04:02        Compliance with Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996 and Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.

20:81:04:03        Rounds.

20:81:04:04        Referee.

20:81:04:05        Judges.

20:81:04:06        Scoring system.

20:81:04:07        Knockdowns.

20:81:04:08        Mouthpiece required.

20:81:04:09        Weight classes.

20:81:04:10        Gloves.

20:81:04:11        Weight differentials.

20:81:04:12        Weigh-ins.

20:81:04:13        Scales.

20:81:04:14        Appearance and attire.

20:81:04:15        Bandage and glove requirements.

20:81:04:16        Standing eight count not in effect.

20:81:04:17        Three knockdown rule not in effect.

20:81:04:18        Boxer out of the ring.

20:81:04:19        Technical knockout.

20:81:04:20        Fouls.

20:81:04:21        Injuries sustained by intentional fouls.

20:81:04:22        Injuries sustained by accidental fouls.

20:81:04:23        Results of contest.

20:81:04:24        Use and administration of drugs, stimulants, or nonprescription preparations.

20:81:04:25        Ring requirements.

20:81:04:26        Automatic suspensions following contests.

20:81:04:27        Amateur contests -- Requirements and rules.

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