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CHAPTER 24:14:04



24:14:04:01        Services provided at no cost.

24:14:04:02        Repealed.

24:14:04:03        Repealed.

24:14:04:04        Entitled services.

24:14:04:04.01   Use of public benefits or insurance -- Enrollment.

24:14:04:04.02   Use of public benefits or insurance -- Parental consent required.

24:14:04:04.03   Use of public benefits or insurance -- Parental refusal to consent.

24:14:04:04.04   Use of public benefits or insurance -- Parental notification.

24:14:04:04.05   Use of private insurance -- Parental consent required.

24:14:04:04.06   Use of private insurance -- Parental refusal to consent.

24:14:04:04.07   Use of private insurance -- Copy of system of payments.

24:14:04:05        Identification and coordination of resources.

24:14:04:06        Federal funding source.

24:14:04:06.01   Proceeds from public insurance and benefits or private insurance.

24:14:04:07        Interagency agreements.

24:14:04:08        Agency resolution of disputes.

24:14:04:09        Interagency dispute resolution procedures.

24:14:04:10        Payer of last resort.

24:14:04:11        Service provision during pendency of dispute.

24:14:04:12        Payment for provision of early intervention services.

24:14:04:12.01   Reimbursement if travel is necessary solely to provide early intervention service.

24:14:04:12.02   Reimbursement for travel to place of other employment.

24:14:04:13        Reimbursement for travel time.

24:14:04:14        Mileage reimbursement.

24:14:04:15        Services provided by paraeducators.

24:14:04:16        Services provided by assistants.

24:14:04:17        Submission of bills.

24:14:04:18        State payment as payment in full.

24:14:04:19        Payment above established rate.

24:14:04:20        More than one service provided during the same unit of time.

24:14:04:21        More than one child receiving service at the same time.

24:14:04:22        Claim requirements.

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