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41:06:00.01        General provisions.

41:06:01             Application for license.

41:06:02             License forms and fees.

41:06:03             Possession, processing and transportation of game.

41:06:04             Hunting requirements and prohibited methods.

41:06:05             Archery restrictions.

41:06:06             Controlled goose hunting.

41:06:07             Custer State Park restrictions.

41:06:08             Pheasant hunting season.

41:06:09             Grouse hunting season.

41:06:10             Sage grouse hunting season.

41:06:11                    Quail hunting season.

41:06:12             Partridge hunting season.

41:06:13             Spring wild turkey hunting season.

41:06:14             Fall wild turkey hunting season.

41:06:15             Custer State Park spring wild turkey season.

41:06:16             Waterfowl hunting seasons.

41:06:17             Common snipe hunting season.

41:06:18             Sandhill crane hunting season.

41:06:19             Black Hills deer hunting season.

41:06:20             West River prairie deer season.

41:06:21             East River deer hunting season.

41:06:22             Archery deer hunting season.

41:06:23             Antelope hunting season.

41:06:24             Archery antelope hunting season.

41:06:25             Custer State Park antelope hunting season.

41:06:26             Black Hills elk hunting season.

41:06:27             Custer State Park elk hunting season.

41:06:28             Custer State Park early archery elk hunting season.

41:06:29             Mountain goat hunting season.

41:06:30             Custer State Park bighorn sheep hunting season, Repealed.

41:06:31             Lower Brule hunting seasons, Repealed.

41:06:31.01        Rosebud hunting seasons, Repealed.

41:06:32             Jackrabbit hunting season, Transferred.

41:06:33             Special winter deer hunting season, Repealed.

41:06:34             Cottontail rabbit hunting season.

41:06:35             Tree squirrel hunting season.

41:06:36             National wildlife refuge deer hunting seasons.

41:06:37             Custer State Park coyote hunting season.

41:06:38             Custer State Park fall wild turkey season, Repealed.

41:06:39             Crow hunting season.

41:06:40             Mourning dove hunting season.

41:06:41             Custer State Park deer hunting season.

41:06:42             Custer State Park trophy bison bull harvest.

41:06:43             Archery elk hunting season.

41:06:44             Apprentice hunter deer season.

41:06:45             General muzzleloading deer hunting season.

41:06:46             Depredation permits.

41:06:47             Special Custer State Park antlerless elk hunting season.

41:06:48             Custer State Park late archery elk hunting season.

41:06:49             Youth waterfowl hunting season.

41:06:50             Early fall Canada goose hunting season.

41:06:51             Custer State Park horseback trophy bison bull harvest, Repealed.

41:06:52             Elk depredation hunt, Repealed.

41:06:53             Hunter safety course.

41:06:54             Pheasant hunting season for disabled veterans.

41:06:55             Youth pheasant hunting season.

41:06:56             Black Hills bighorn sheep hunting season.

41:06:57             Prairie dog shooting season, Repealed.

41:06:58             Resident pheasant hunting season.

41:06:59             Prairie elk hunting season.

41:06:60             Custer State Park non-trophy bison harvest.

41:06:61             Mountain lion hunting season.

41:06:62             Hunt for habitat.

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