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CHAPTER 41:06:01



41:06:01:01        Applicability of chapter.

41:06:01:02        Form of application -- False representation prohibited -- License prerequisite.

41:06:01:03        Submission of application with fee.

41:06:01:03.01   Restriction on number of applications submitted jointly.

41:06:01:04        Repealed.

41:06:01:05        Repealed.

41:06:01:06        Lottery methods and procedure.

41:06:01:07        Landowner preference limited by acreage.

41:06:01:07.01   Landowner preference application requirements and restrictions.

41:06:01:07.02   Restrictions on landowner preference for legal entities.

41:06:01:08        Restriction on number of applications.

41:06:01:08.01   Restriction on applications for certain lottery deer drawings.

41:06:01:09        Application for unsold big game licenses -- Future eligibility.

41:06:01:10        Prior application preference.

41:06:01:11        Restricted sale of leftover licenses.

41:06:01:12        Mentored youth big game license -- Restrictions.

41:06:01:13        Designation of areas where free antlerless deer licenses can be used by farmers and ranchers.

41:06:01:14        Allocation of licenses to nonresident hunters.

41:06:01:15        Elk application requirements.

41:06:01:16        Purchase and accrual of preference points.

41:06:01:17        Access permits required for specific deer hunting units and public lands.

41:06:01:18        Authorization for terminally ill residents to hunt deer, antelope and turkeys.

41:06:01:19        Sage grouse hunting permits -- Procedure -- Requirements.

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