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CHAPTER 41:09:04



41:09:04:01        Repealed.

41:09:04:02        Taking, possession, and transportation.

41:09:04:02.01   License fees.

41:09:04:02.02   Species that may be taken as bait for commercial use.

41:09:04:02.03   Transferred.

41:09:04:02.04   Species that may be taken as bait for noncommercial use.

41:09:04:02.05   Noncommercial limits defined.

41:09:04:02.06   Eligibility for bait dealers, agents and employees.

41:09:04:03        Waters closed to taking of bait.

41:09:04:04        Seines, nets, and traps limited.

41:09:04:05        Trap spacing limited -- Emptying required.

41:09:04:06        Trap marking required -- Licensee liable.

41:09:04:07        Game fish and endangered species to be returned to waters -- Rough fish may be destroyed.

41:09:04:08        Repealed.

41:09:04:09        Repealed.

41:09:04:10        Repealed.

41:09:04:11        Repealed.

41:09:04:12        Transportation of bait and other fish by bait dealer.

41:09:04:13        Repealed.

41:09:04:14        Bait dealer's license displayed.

41:09:04:14.01   Bait dealer's license in possession while transporting bait.

41:09:04:15        Equipment identification.

41:09:04:16        Records required.

41:09:04:16.01   Records required for bait taken in South Dakota waters.

41:09:04:16.02   Records required for bait imported into South Dakota.

41:09:04:16.03   Records required for bait sold at retail in South Dakota.

41:09:04:16.04   Records required for bait sold at wholesale in South Dakota.

41:09:04:16.05   Records required for bait purchased and transported out of South Dakota.

41:09:04:16.06   Records required for nonresidential bait dealers for bait sold or purchased in South Dakota.

41:09:04:17        Conviction for violation may be cause for revocation and non-renewal of bait dealer license.

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