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CHAPTER 44:03:01




44:03:01:01        Definitions.

44:03:01:02        Licensing of radiation-producing devices and materials.

44:03:01:03        Transferred.

44:03:01:04        Application for license.

44:03:01:05        Repealed.

44:03:01:06        Annual license renewal.

44:03:01:06.01   Exemption from radiation licensing.

44:03:01:06.02   Repealed.

44:03:01:07        Repealed.

44:03:01:07.01   Licensing of radiation producing devices for temporary use.

44:03:01:08        Prohibited uses of radiation.

44:03:01:08.01   Repealed.

44:03:01:08.02   Equipment standards for medical diagnostic X ray machines.

44:03:01:08.03   Equipment standards for medical fluoroscopic X ray machines.

44:03:01:08.04   Equipment standards for medical fluoroscopic spot film devices.

44:03:01:08.05   Periodic measurement of medical fluoroscopic spot film devices.

44:03:01:08.06   Equipment standards for dental X ray machines.

44:03:01:08.07   Equipment standards for mobile X ray equipment.

44:03:01:08.08   Equipment standards for computed tomography systems.

44:03:01:08.09   Hand-held intra-oral radiographic imaging device reporting.

44:03:01:09        Evaluation and correction of hazards.

44:03:01:10        General safety provisions to protect persons from radiation exposures.

44:03:01:10.01   Requirements for personal protective devices.

44:03:01:10.02   Operator protection requirements.

44:03:01:10.03   Reports of incidents involving radiation sources.

44:03:01:10.04   Requirements of X ray film processing and darkroom.

44:03:01:10.05   Quality assurance program requirements.

44:03:01:11        Repealed.

44:03:01:11.01   Shielding plan review prior to installation of radiation facilities or equipment.

44:03:01:11.02   Installation requirements of all radiation equipment.

44:03:01:11.03   Notification of installation of radiation equipment.

44:03:01:11.04   Licensee requirements after installation of radiation equipment.

44:03:01:11.05   Installation, maintenance, and operation of radiation equipment.

44:03:01:12        Repealed.

44:03:01:12.01   Radiation producing equipment calibration.

44:03:01:12.02   Surveys of radiation producing facilities and radiation equipment.

44:03:01:13        Transferred.

44:03:01:14        Repealed.

44:03:01:14.01   Operator requirements for X ray equipment.

44:03:01:14.02   Operator training requirements for diagnostic radiation equipment.

44:03:01:14.03   Operator continuing education requirements.

44:03:01:15        Disposal of radioactive materials.

44:03:01:16        Loss or theft of radioactive material.

44:03:01:17        Amendment, suspension, or revocation of license.

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