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          44:03:01:08.  Prohibited uses of radiation. No person may be exposed to diagnostic or therapeutic radiation except for healing arts purposes and only if the exposure has been authorized by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts. No person may be exposed to the useful beam for non-healing arts training, instruction, or demonstration, or other purposes. The following radiation producing equipment may not be used and the following specified procedures may not be performed:


          (1)  Fluoroscopic devices for fitting shoes;

          (2)  Photofluorographic equipment;

          (3)  Dental fluoroscopic imaging assemblies;

          (4)  Hand-held radiographic or fluoroscopic imaging devices, except for intra-oral radiographic imaging devices;

          (5)  The use of fluoroscopy for positioning a patient for general radiographic imaging, except for radiation therapy simulators;

          (6)  The use of fluoroscopy and c-arm fluoroscopes by a person other than a licensed practitioner of the healing arts unless under the supervision of a licensed practitioner of the healing arts;

          (7)  The use of direct exposure X ray film (without intensifying screens) for routine diagnostic procedures other than intraoral dental radiography, therapeutic portal imaging, and industrial radiography;

          (8)  Nonimage intensified fluoroscopic X ray equipment; or

          (9)  The use of X ray equipment for mammography unless specifically designed by the manufacturer for the imaging of the breast.


          Source: SL 1975, ch 16, ยง 1; 6 SDR 93, effective July 1, 1980; 26 SDR 96, effective January 23, 2000; 35 SDR 47, effective September 8, 2008.

          General Authority: SDCL 34-21-4.1, 34-21-15.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34-21-4.1, 34-21-23.


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