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CHAPTER 44:05:04



44:05:04:01        Types of permitted vehicles.

44:05:04:02        Repealed.

44:05:04:03        Repealed.

44:05:04:04        Vehicle registration.

44:05:04:05        Vehicle sticker issuance.

44:05:04:06        Vehicle sticker display.

44:05:04:07        Suction equipment.

44:05:04:08        Ventilation equipment.

44:05:04:09        Bandage and hemorrhage control supplies.

44:05:04:10        Obstetric kit.

44:05:04:11        Medications.

44:05:04:11.01   Recommended medications.

44:05:04:12        Immobilization devices.

44:05:04:12.01   Cardiac equipment.

44:05:04:13        Patient transportation equipment.

44:05:04:13.01   Wheelchairs prohibited.

44:05:04:14        Examination equipment and reference materials.

44:05:04:15        Miscellaneous equipment.

44:05:04:15.01   Infection control equipment.

44:05:04:16        Repealed.

44:05:04:17        Storage of ground ambulance equipment.

44:05:04:18        Available nonmedical equipment.

44:05:04:19        Nonmedical equipment.

44:05:04:20        Communication equipment.

44:05:04:21        Ambulance cleanliness and disinfection of patient use items.

44:05:04:22        Disinfection of vehicles and equipment in cases of contagious disease.

44:05:04:23        Disposal of medical waste.

44:05:04:24        Report of property damage or personal injury.

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