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          44:73:11:14  Admission, transfer, and discharge policies. A facility shall establish and maintain policies and practices for admission, discharge, and transfer of residents which prohibit discrimination based upon payment source. The facility shall notify each resident at or before the time of admission of these policies and procedures. The policies and practices shall include the following provisions:


          (1)  The resident may remain in the facility and may not be transferred or discharged unless the resident's needs and welfare cannot be met by the facility, the resident's health has improved sufficiently so the resident no longer needs the services provided by the facility, the safety or health of individuals in the facility is endangered by the resident, the resident has failed to pay for allowable billed services as agreed to, or the facility ceases to operate;


          (2)  The facility must notify the resident and a family member or client advocate in writing at least 30 days before the transfer or discharge unless a change in the resident's health requires immediate transfer or discharge or the resident has not resided in the facility for 30 days. The written notice shall specify the reason for and effective date of the transfer or discharge and the location to which the resident will be transferred or discharged;


          (3)  The conditions under which the resident may request or refuse transfer within the facility; and


          (4)  A description of how the resident may appeal a decision by the facility to transfer or discharge the resident.


          Source: 19 SDR 95, effective January 7, 1993; 22 SDR 70, effective November 10. 1995; transferred from ยง 44:04:17:14, 42 SDR 51, effective October 13, 2015.

          General Authority: SDCL 34-12-13(15).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34-12-13(15).


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