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CHAPTER 61:15:07



61:15:07:01       Definition of authority having jurisdiction.

61:15:07:02       Applicability.

61:15:07:03       Portable fire extinguishers.

61:15:07:04       Automatic sprinkler system requirements.

61:15:07:05       Ventilating hood and duct systems.

61:15:07:06       Fire-extinguishing equipment for protection of kitchen grease hoods and ducts.

61:15:07:07       Operation and maintenance of hood and duct suppression systems.

61:15:07:08       Fire-resistive construction maintenance.

61:15:07:09       Maintenance of exits and emergency escapes.

61:15:07:10       Exit doors.

61:15:07:11       Repealed.

61:15:07:12       Fire escapes.

61:15:07:13       Enclosure of vertical shafts.

61:15:07:14       Exit signs.

61:15:07:15       Exit sign illumination.

61:15:07:16       Exit illumination.

61:15:07:17       Control of overcrowding and egress obstruction.

61:15:07:18       Flame retardant treatments.

61:15:07:19       Fire alarm requirements.

61:15:07:20       Laboratories and science rooms.

61:15:07:21       Storage, use, and handling of miscellaneous combustibles.

61:15:07:22       Interior finish requirements.

61:15:07:23       Heating and cooking appliances.

61:15:07:24       Electrical equipment and wiring.

61:15:07:25       Use of temporary wiring.

61:15:07:26       Electrical motors.

61:15:07:27       Extension cords.

61:15:07:28       Access to switchboards and panel boards.

61:15:07:29       Flammable and combustible liquids and liquefied petroleum gas.

61:15:07:30       Compressed gases.

61:15:07:31       Protection of gas appurtenances.

61:15:07:32       Special provisions for kindergarten, first, and second grades.

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