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CHAPTER 64:01:01



64:01:01:01                                Definitions.

64:01:01:01.01 to 64:01:01:03     Repealed.

64:01:01:04                                Public requests for information.

64:01:01:05                                Rules of practice and procedure.

64:01:01:06 and 64:01:01:07  Repealed.

64:01:01:08                                Procedure to obtain declaratory ruling.

64:01:01:09                                Hearings on petition to obtain declaratory ruling.

64:01:01:10                                Decisions.

64:01:01:11                                Construction.

64:01:01:11.01                           Prehearing conference.

64:01:01:12                                Conduct of hearings.

64:01:01:13                                Notice of time and place for hearings -- Hearing examiners.

64:01:01:14                                All parties to be heard.

64:01:01:15                                Repealed.

64:01:01:16                                Evidence receivable.

64:01:01:17                                Repealed.

64:01:01:18                                Void.

64:01:01:19                                Forms.

64:01:01:20                                Reduction or abatement of taxes, interest, or penalties -- Requirements for showing widespread misapplication of tax.

64:01:01:21                                Electronic tax payments (ETP) and electronic tax filings (ETF).

64:01:01:22                                Use of fedwire in emergencies.

64:01:01:23                                Use of check in emergencies.

64:01:01:24                                Repealed.

64:01:01:25                                Notice of change in bank or account number.

64:01:01:26                                Dishonored transaction -- Fee.

64:01:01:27                                Taxpayer to retain confirmation number from ETF and ETP transactions for three years.

64:01:01:28                                Audit review.

64:01:01:29                                New facilities refund or delay in payment -- Commencement of project.

64:01:01:30                                New facilities refund -- Application for permit.

64:01:01:31                                New facilities refund -- Documentation to support claim.

64:01:01:32                                Electronic or digital signature.

64:01:01:33                                Application for direct payment permit.

64:01:01:34                                Qualification process and requirements for direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:35                                Record keeping requirements for direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:36                                Reporting of tax for direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:37                                Certain transactions not permitted for direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:38                                Duties of direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:39                                Responsibilities of vendors selling to direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:40                                Payment of municipal taxes for direct payment permit holders.

64:01:01:41                                Revocation of direct payment permit.

64:01:01:42                                Definitions of terms used in recordkeeping and retention regulations.

64:01:01:43                                Maintenance and access to taxpayer records.

64:01:01:44                                Requirements for machine-sensible records.

64:01:01:45                                Requirements for electronic data interchange.

64:01:01:46                                Description of process that creates records.

64:01:01:47                                Maintenance of machine-sensible records.

64:01:01:48                                Access to machine-sensible records.

64:01:01:49                                Taxpayer creation of machine-sensible records for department examination and responsibility for records.

64:01:01:50                                Requirements for conversion of hard-copy records to an imaging system.

64:01:01:51                                Effect of maintaining machine-sensible records on hard-copy recordkeeping requirements.

64:01:01:52                                Effective date of rate changes.

64:01:01:53                                Effective date local rate changes -- Sales from preprinted catalogs.

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