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CHAPTER 67:18:01



67:18:01:01        Definitions.

67:18:01:02        Administration -- Income withholding services.

67:18:01:03        Repealed.

67:18:01:04        General authority of DCS.

67:18:01:05        Specific authority of DCS.

67:18:01:06        Repealed.

67:18:01:07        Repealed.

67:18:01:08        Repealed.

67:18:01:09        Repealed.

67:18:01:10        Repealed.

67:18:01:11        Repealed.

67:18:01:12        Repealed.

67:18:01:13        Repealed.

67:18:01:14        Repealed.

67:18:01:15        Assignment remains in effect for support furnished by department.

67:18:01:16        Repealed.

67:18:01:17        Continued services when individual no longer receives assistance -- Notice.

67:18:01:17.01   Provisions for charging fees for continued services for former recipients.

67:18:01:17.02   Availability of enforcement services for individual not receiving assistance -- Power of attorney.

67:18:01:17.03   Enforcement services for families eligible for Medicaid

67:18:01:18        Repealed.

67:18:01:19        Termination of services -- Case closure.

67:18:01:19.01   Request to reopen closed case.

67:18:01:20        Nonrecipient application fees.

67:18:01:20.01   Department subject to annual fee.

67:18:01:21        Repealed.

67:18:01:22        Requests for use of federal parent locator service.

67:18:01:23        Repealed.

67:18:01:24        Repealed.

67:18:01:25        Distribution of amounts collected from sources other than federal income tax offset.

67:18:01:25.01   Distribution of amounts collected for foster care maintenance.

67:18:01:25.02   Distribution of IRS federal income tax refund offsets.

67:18:01:25.03   Distribution of IRS federal income tax refund offsets in foster care maintenance cases.

67:18:01:26        Repealed.

67:18:01:27        Repealed.

67:18:01:28        Date of collection designated.

67:18:01:29        Repealed.

67:18:01:30        DCS report to Division of Economic Assistance.

67:18:01:31        Repealed.

67:18:01:32        Repealed.

67:18:01:33        Prepayment of future support obligations.

67:18:01:34        Incentive payments.

67:18:01:35        Repealed.

67:18:01:36        Repealed.

67:18:01:37        Repealed.

67:18:01:38        Intergovernmental collections.

67:18:01:39        Repealed.

67:18:01:40        Repealed.

67:18:01:41        Repealed.

67:18:01:42        Repealed.

67:18:01:43        Repealed.

67:18:01:44        Cooperative agreements.

67:18:01:45        Repealed.

67:18:01:46        Repealed.

67:18:01:47        Enforcement of support obligations.

67:18:01:48        Repealed.

67:18:01:49        Methods of enforcement of support obligation.

67:18:01:49.01   Guidelines for imposition of liens.

67:18:01:49.02   Guidelines for posting of bond or other security.

67:18:01:49.03   Furnishing information to consumer reporting agencies.

67:18:01:50        Notice of failure to cooperate.

67:18:01:51        Failure to cooperate.

67:18:01:52        Transferred.

67:18:01:53        Repealed.

67:18:01:54        Repealed.

67:18:01:55        Notice of claim of good cause.

67:18:01:56        Effect of determination of good cause.

67:18:01:57        Repealed.

67:18:01:58        Repealed.

67:18:01:58.01   Administrative review of withholding action.

67:18:01:58.02   Right to fair hearing following review of petition to stay withholding.

67:18:01:58.03   Administrative review -- Lottery setoff.

67:18:01:59        Allocation of obligation to each child.

67:18:01:60        Notice of collection of assigned support.

67:18:01:61        Notice to noncustodial parent before restricting issuance of license, registration, certification, or permit.

67:18:01:62        Administrative review and fair hearing before restricting issuance of license, registration, certification, or permit.

67:18:01:63        Payment of costs for obtaining affidavit of paternity.

67:18:01:64        Repealed.

67:18:01:65        Certain distributions limited to parent, legal guardian, or caretaker.

67:18:01:66        Repealed.

67:18:01:67        State directory of new hires -- Reporting requirements.

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