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          67:42:11:02.  Playground area -- Group care centers, residential treatment centers, day care programs, and intensive residential treatment centers. The playground area for group care centers, residential treatment centers, day care programs, and intensive residential treatment centers must have at least 50 square feet of play area for each child each scheduled recess time. Day care programs shall enclose playground areas with a fence. All other facilities shall enclose the playground if it is within 25 feet of a high volume traffic area or located near any hazardous area. The fence must be at least four feet high. The playground must be kept free of litter, trash, and weeds.


          Swimming pools located on the premises and not emptied after each use must be secured on all sides with a fence that is at least five feet high and constructed to discourage climbing. A wall of the facility or home may not be considered as one side of the fence if that area of the facility or home has access to the pool area. Exits from and entrances to the pool must have self-closing, latching gates that must be latched and locked at all times when children are present.


          Playground equipment must be properly installed and maintained in good repair. Sandboxes must be kept free from animal excrement and must permit drainage.


          When there are children on the playground, the staff-child ratio required in §§ 67:42:07:03, 67:42:08:03, 67:42:10:07, and 67:42:15:14 must be maintained on the playground.


          Source: 7 SDR 66, 7 SDR 89, effective July 1, 1981; 13 SDR 197, effective July 1, 1987; 14 SDR 20, effective August 13, 1987; 15 SDR 94, effective January 1, 1989; 21 SDR 206, effective June 4, 1995; 27 SDR 63, effective December 31, 2000; 31 SDR 40, effective September 29, 2004; 32 SDR 33, effective August 31, 2005; 39 SDR 220, effective June 27, 2013.

          General Authority: SDCL 26-6-16.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 26-6-16.


          Cross-Reference: Physical standards for facility, § 67:42:10:19.


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