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          67:44:03:01.  Definitions. Terms used in this chapter mean:


          (1)  "Adult companion services," nonmedical care, assistance, and socialization;


          (2)  "Adult day services," formal supportive service that provides care and supervision outside of the home for part of the day;


          (3)  "Adult services and aging specialist," an employee of the department responsible for an assigned case load in the Division of Adult Services and Aging;


          (4)  "Adult Services and Aging waiver services" or "ASA waiver services," services reimbursed under Title XIX that are designed to prevent or delay placement of an individual in a nursing facility;


          (5)  "Assisted living services," services furnished to individuals receiving waiver services who reside in a homelike, noninstitutionalized setting that includes 24-hour on-site response capability to meet scheduled or unpredictable resident needs and to provide supervision, safety, and security;


          (6)  "Environmental accessibility adaptations," physical adaptations to the private residence of the consumer required by the consumer's care plan, that are necessary to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the consumer or that enable the consumer to function with greater independence within the home;


          (7)  "Homemaker services," the performance of nonmedical household tasks designed to maintain an individual who needs assistance to perform the tasks in the individual's home;


          (8)  "Medical review team," a team consisting of a registered nurse and an adult services and aging specialist;


          (9)  "In-home nursing services," individual and continuous care provided to an individual at home by a licensed nurse;


          (10)  "Meals and nutritional supplements," nutritious meals or nutritional supplements that enhance an individual's diet;


          (11)  "Personal care services," the performance of hands-on personal care tasks designed to maintain an individual who needs assistance to perform the tasks in the individual's home. Personal care tasks include the activities of daily living;


          (12)  "Personal emergency response system," an electronic device that enables individuals to secure help in an emergency;


          (13)  "Provider," the person, facility, or agency that provides authorized services;


          (14)  "Respite care," temporary substitute supports or living arrangements for individuals that provide a period of relief to the primary caregiver on an intermittent, occasional, or emergency basis;


          (15)  "Qualifying disability," a disability that results in needs requiring long-term supports and services that cannot be provided in a less restrictive environment;


          (16)  "Specialized medical equipment," equipment needed to assist a consumer in living safely at home; and


          (17)  "Specialized medical supplies," expendable or reusable supplies related to the needs of incontinence, diabetes, or wound care.


          Source: 15 SDR 191, effective June 11, 1989; 18 SDR 67, effective October 13, 1991; 23 SDR 92, effective December 10, 1996; 28 SDR 96, effective December 30, 2001; 38 SDR 123, effective January 23, 2012.

          General Authority: SDCL 28-1-45.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 28-1-45.


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