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70:01:01        Administration.

70:01:02        Speed limits.

70:01:03        Traffic safety.

70:01:04        Movement of oversize vehicles, Transferred.

70:01:04.01        Uniform mobile home movement rules, Repealed.

70:01:05        Bidding procedures, Transferred.

70:01:05.01        Highway construction contract requirements, Transferred.

70:01:06        Outdoor advertising, Repealed.

70:01:06.01        Interstate traffic-generating signs, Transferred.

70:01:06.02        Informational, directional signs, Transferred.

70:01:06.03        Signs and notices -- Off right-of-way, Transferred.

70:01:07        Junkyards, Transferred.

70:01:08        Right-of-way encroachments, Transferred.

70:01:09        Maximum weight of vehicles, Repealed.

70:01:10        Mowing of highway right-of-way, Transferred.

70:01:11             Radioactive materials, Repealed.

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