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CHAPTER 70:02:04



70:02:04:01        Definitions.

70:02:04:02        Airport, landing field, or heliport must receive approval or license to be used or operated -- Application procedure -- Inspection.

70:02:04:03        Types of license or approvals -- Period of approval or license.

70:02:04:04        Responsibility of licensees.

70:02:04:05        Criteria for revocation of and refusal to renew licenses.

70:02:04:06        Airports, landing fields and heliports to be located to avoid conflicts and overlaps.

70:02:04:07        Minimum requirements for nonrestricted licensing or approval of airports and landing fields.

70:02:04:08        Airports approved prior to July 24, 1974, to be noted as approved under previous standards.

70:02:04:09        Minimum requirements for heliports.

70:02:04:10        Field marking requirements for airports, landing fields and heliports licensed for other than restricted use.

70:02:04:11        Wind indicators required.

70:02:04:12        Aircraft at rest to be visible from any point on landing area -- Exception.

70:02:04:13        Airports required to control access.

70:02:04:14        Minimum requirements for restricted use landing fields.

70:02:04:15        Minimum requirements for public airports.

70:02:04:16        Repealed.

70:02:04:17        Permits required for use of temporary fields -- Method of application -- Time element -- Inspection by Aeronautics Commission -- Refusal by commission upon abuse of license.

70:02:04:18        Private airports for personal use only to be located to avoid conflicts -- Registration required.

70:02:04:19        Waiver of rules by commission authorized.

70:02:04:20        Conduct of appeals from rules governing airport licensing.

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