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CHAPTER 74:02:01



74:02:01:01                                       Definitions.

74:02:01:01.01                                  Public recreation areas defined.

74:02:01:01.02                                  Confinement operation defined.

74:02:01:02                                       Water management board -- Annual meeting -- Quorum.

74:02:01:03                                       Uses of water which require a permit.

74:02:01:03.01                                  Adding connections to a water distribution system.

74:02:01:03.02 and 74:02:01:04      Repealed.

74:02:01:05                                       Criteria for establishing Missouri River irrigation rates.

74:02:01:05.01                                  Volume of Missouri River water applied to the land.

74:02:01:05.02                                  Registration of domestic well.

74:02:01:05.03                                  Volume of water for nonirrigation water permit or right or nonirrigation vested right.

74:02:01:06                                       Application for water permit furnished by chief engineer -- Method of completion -- Fee required.

74:02:01:07                                       Map required with water permit application.

74:02:01:07.01                                  Repealed.

74:02:01:08                                       Supplemental forms required when system includes wells, dugouts, or water storage dams.

74:02:01:08.01                                  Driller's log required.

74:02:01:09                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:10                                       Numbering of applications.

74:02:01:11 and 74:02:01:12            Repealed.

74:02:01:12.01                                  Additional information for water permit application hearing.

74:02:01:12.02                                  Waiver of right to receive notice and other materials.

74:02:01:12.03                                  Delegation of authority to chief engineer to issue uncontested permits.

74:02:01:12.04                                  Deadline to file petitions.

74:02:01:12.05                                  Procedure to contest chief engineer's recommendation.

74:02:01:12.06                                  Published date of hearing.

74:02:01:13                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:13.01                                  Submission of proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law, and final decision -- Comments.

74:02:01:13.02                                  Signing of findings of fact, conclusions of law, and final decision -- Valid permit.

74:02:01:14                                       Approved applications to contain qualifications -- Authority to proceed with construction.

74:02:01:14.01                                  Amendment of permits, rights, or vested rights.

74:02:01:14.02                                  Mandatory requirement to submit irrigation water use report -- Exception.

74:02:01:15                                       Procedure for rejection of applications.

74:02:01:15.01                                  Repealed.

74:02:01:15.02                                  Applications to appropriate water in excess of 10,000 acre feet annually.

74:02:01:15.03                                  Procedures for applications to appropriate water in excess of 10,000 acre feet annually.

74:02:01:15.04                                  Board action on applications to appropriate water in excess of 10,000 acre feet annually.

74:02:01:15.05                                  Board action after legislative action.

74:02:01:16                                       Inspection reports of construction and application of water to be maintained.

74:02:01:16.01                                  Combining permits into one license.

74:02:01:17 to 74:02:01:19              Repealed.

74:02:01:20                                       Procedure for filing vested right claim.

74:02:01:20.01                                  Chief engineer's investigation of vested right claims.

74:02:01:21                                       Application procedure for vested right claim -- Validation of claim.

74:02:01:22                                       Issuance of water license for vested right claims.

74:02:01:23                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:24                                       Application procedure for entities to appropriate water for future use.

74:02:01:24.01                                  Future use applications and future use permits limited.

74:02:01:24.02                                  Submission of annual water use records.

74:02:01:25                                       Board to act on future use application by entity -- Authorized qualifications.

74:02:01:25.01                                  Future use permit review -- Recommendation and scheduling for review.

74:02:01:25.02                                  Notice of review of future use permit.

74:02:01:25.03                                  Publication of notice of future use permit review.

74:02:01:26                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:26.01                                  Reinstating amount of water not developed.

74:02:01:27 to 74:02:01:31              Repealed.

74:02:01:32                                       Applications for temporary permit -- Telephone requests.

74:02:01:33                                       Information required for temporary permits.

74:02:01:34                                       Chief engineer authorized to issue temporary permits.

74:02:01:34.01                                  Rescission of temporary permits by chief engineer.

74:02:01:34.02                                  Appeal of rescission of temporary permit to board.

74:02:01:35                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:35.01                                  Application procedure for flood control permits.

74:02:01:35.02                                  Inspection of flood control works -- Licensing.

74:02:01:36                                       Board authorized to cancel invalid water permits, rights, or vested rights.

74:02:01:37                                       Invalid water permit, right, or vested right defined.

74:02:01:37.01                                  Legal excuse for nonuse of water.

74:02:01:37.02                                  Exceptions to nonuse of water.

74:02:01:38                                       Procedure for consideration of water permit, right, or vested right cancellations -- Contents of notice.

74:02:01:39                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:40                                       Action by board -- Minutes to show reasons for cancellation.

74:02:01:40.01                                  Cancellation of irrigation location notice -- Retention as stock water location notice.

74:02:01:41                                       Holders to be notified of cancellation action -- Notice by publication.

74:02:01:42                                       Application for well driller license -- License representative to be designated.

74:02:01:42.01                                  Types of water use wells.

74:02:01:42.02                                  Requirements for all well driller license applications.

74:02:01:42.03                                  Documentation of experience required for new license applications.

74:02:01:42.04                                  Application requirements for renewal of a well driller license.

74:02:01:42.05                                  Deadline for renewal of license.

74:02:01:42.06                                  New license representative or licensing for additional well types.

74:02:01:42.07                                  License renewals after March 31, 1983.

74:02:01:42.08                                  Criteria for continuing education for a well driller license.

74:02:01:42.09                                  Examination required.

74:02:01:43                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:43.01                                  Chief engineer authorized to delay issuance of license.

74:02:01:43.02                                  Board authorized to revoke license when unauthorized well types drilled.

74:02:01:43.03                                  Well driller license representative -- Activity limitation.

74:02:01:43.04                                  Application for well pump installer license -- License representative to be designated.

74:02:01:43.05                                  Requirements for all well pump installer license applications.

74:02:01:43.06                                  Documentation of experience required for new license application.

74:02:01:43.07                                  Application requirements for renewal of a well pump installer license.

74:02:01:43.08                                  Deadline for renewal of license.

74:02:01:43.09                                  New license representative.

74:02:01:43.10                                  Well pump installer license representative -- Activity limitation.

74:02:01:43.11                                  Continuing education requirements.

74:02:01:43.12                                  Criteria for continuing education for well pump installer license.

74:02:01:44                                       Applications for filing location notices for dams.

74:02:01:45                                       Repealed.

74:02:01:46                                       Request to board for declaratory ruling -- Petition contents.

74:02:01:47                                       Timely consideration by board.

74:02:01:48                                       Petitioner to notify all affected persons.

74:02:01:49                                       Declaratory rulings -- Appeal.

74:02:01:50                                       Outlet elevation -- Inclusion in existing water rights or permits.

74:02:01:51                                       Request to determine high or low water mark -- Contents.

74:02:01:52                                       Publication of the notice to determine high or low water mark.

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