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CHAPTER 74:02:04



74:02:04:01 to 74:02:04:08         Transferred.

74:02:04:09                                Repealed.

74:02:04:10 to 74:02:04:12         Transferred.

74:02:04:13 to 74:02:04:19         Repealed.

74:02:04:20                                          Definitions.

74:02:04:21                                          Permits required before construction of certain wells.

74:02:04:22                                          Requirements for all wells.

74:02:04:23                                          Intent of South Dakota well construction standards.

74:02:04:23.01                           Construction of adequate well required.

74:02:04:24                                          Well locations.

74:02:04:25                                          Wells to be accessible.

74:02:04:26                                          Well construction prohibited along sections of Whitewood Creek and sections of Belle Fourche River -- Variance.

74:02:04:27                                          Upper well terminal -- Wells in pits prohibited.

74:02:04:28                                          Minimum grouting requirements for wells -- Exceptions.

74:02:04:29 and 74:02:04:30  Repealed.

74:02:04:31                                          Driven well casing to be sealed with bentonite.

74:02:04:32                                          Hard rock well construction.

74:02:04:33                                          Repealed.

74:02:04:34                                          Locations of aquifers and formations.

74:02:04:34.01                           Wells producing water from more than one aquifer prohibited.

74:02:04:35                                          Alternative well construction requirements for certain Dakota aquifer wells.

74:02:04:36                                          Alternative well construction requirements for certain Inyan Kara wells.

74:02:04:37                                          Well driller to correct well defective within one year.

74:02:04:38                                          Driller's license required to install closed loop.

74:02:04:39                                          Vertical closed-loop installation.

74:02:04:40                                          Horizontal closed-loop installation.

74:02:04:41                                          Drill hole construction requirements.

74:02:04:41.01                           Construction water requirements.

74:02:04:42                                          General requirements for well casing.

74:02:04:43                                          Thermoplastic casing requirements.

74:02:04:44                                          Thermoplastic casing installation requirements.

74:02:04:45                                          Solvent cementing procedures for thermoplastic connections.

74:02:04:46                                          Precast curbing and concrete casing use limitations.

74:02:04:47                                          Pitless unit or pitless adapter requirements.

74:02:04:48                                          Steel casing specifications.

74:02:04:49                                          Copper casing specifications.

74:02:04:50                                          Requirements for well screens and gravel packs.

74:02:04:51                                          Requirements for length and diameter of screens.

74:02:04:52                                          Requirements for centralizers.

74:02:04:52.01                           Requirements for packers.

74:02:04:53                                          Cement grout requirements.

74:02:04:53.01                                          Bentonite grout requirements.

74:02:04:54                                          Repealed.

74:02:04:55                                          Minimum grout volumes.

74:02:04:56                                          Repealed.

74:02:04:57                                          Minimum hole size for grouting.

74:02:04:58                                          Requirements for development of wells.

74:02:04:58.01                           Disinfection requirements.

74:02:04:59                                          Wells in road ditches to be protected.

74:02:04:60                                          Requirements for pump installations.

74:02:04:61                                          Requirements for well and pump capacities.

74:02:04:62                                          Backflow prevention required for large capacity wells.

74:02:04:63                                          Water analysis required.

74:02:04:64                                          Chief engineer to furnish forms for required records.

74:02:04:65                                          Well drillers to prepare and file well construction records.

74:02:04:66                                          Well drillers to prepare and file well rehabilitation record.

74:02:04:67                                          Requirements for plugging wells or test holes completed into confined aquifers or encountering more than one aquifer.

74:02:04:68                                          Repealed.

74:02:04:69                                          Requirements for plugging wells or test holes completed into unconfined aquifers with only one aquifer encountered.

74:02:04:70                                          Requirements for plugging other test holes.

74:02:04:70.01                           Requirements for temporary abandonment of wells.

74:02:04:71                                          Well driller to prepare and file well and test hole plugging records.

74:02:04:72                                          Pressure regulator valve required on flowing wells.

74:02:04:73                                          Well driller's responsibilities.

74:02:04:74                                          Well owner's responsibilities.

74:02:04:75                                          Variance.

74:02:04:76                                          Flowing well construction.

Appendix A   Aquifer and formation descriptions and drilling characteristics.

Appendix B    Generalized stratigraphic correlation chart.

Appendix C   Map of South Dakota showing major structural features.

Appendix D   Minimum grouting requirements for wells.

Appendix E    Hard rock well construction.

Appendix F    Alternative well construction for certain dakota aquifer wells.

Appendix G   Alternative well construction for certain Inyan Kara wells and precast curbing and casing use limitations.

Appendix H   Recommended procedure for chlorine disinfection of water wells.

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