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          74:12:02:17.  Well logs, completion/recompletion reports, and sundry notice reports to be filed with secretary. The operator must notify the secretary by telephone, facsimile, or email before fracing, acidizing, or perforating a well. Within 30 days of completing or recompleting a production or injection well or performing any work affecting a different source of supply, a completion/recompletion or sundry notice report must be filed with the secretary on a form provided by the secretary. The sundry notice report may also be used for the following purposes:


          (1)  To request approval from the secretary for the following:


               (a)   Proposed cementing;

               (b)   Proposed plugging;

               (c)   Temporary abandonment;

               (d)   Testing casing;

               (e)   Drilling without a blowout preventer;

               (f)    Extending term of drilling, deepening, or reentry permits beyond 12 months;

               (g)   Using open burning as a soil remediation method;

               (h)   Using produced water on roads for dust suppression;

               (i)    Atmospherically discharging water produced from a gas well;

               (j)    Completing surface restoration;

               (k)   Constructing produced water handling facilities or converting a mud pit to an evaporation pit;

               (l)    Dissolving abandoned oil or gas fields;

               (m)  The method of annual gas well test to determine daily open flow volume;

               (n)   The method of determining production from separate pools prior to commingling fluids from separate pools;

               (o)   Confidentiality of technical data; and

               (p)   The method of checking tank metering equipment;


          (2)  To report the following information to the secretary:


               (a)   Spills;

               (b)   Spudding;

               (c)   Change of operator;

               (d)   Change of elevation;

               (e)   Change to dry hole marker;

               (f)    Change of location;

               (g)   Fracing;

               (h)   Acidizing;

               (i)    Perforating;

               (j)    Working over;

               (k)   Repairing;

               (l)    Venting or flaring of gas;

               (m)  Drilling program;

               (n)   Drilling mud program;

               (o)   Blowout preventer program;

               (p)   Geologic and hydrologic conditions;

               (q)   Gas-oil ratio;

               (r)   Shut-in pressures;

               (s)   Working fluid level;

               (t)    Casing program;

               (u)   Directions to a well site;

               (v)   Casing test results.

               (w)  Fire, releases, breaks, leaks, and blowouts pursuant to § 74:12:04:11;

               (x)   Commencement and discontinuance of injection operations pursuant to § 74:12:07:11;

               (y)  Mechanical problems, well failures, or malfunctions of the injection system pursuant to § 74:12:07:16; and

               (z)  Tank battery meter tests.


          The electrical, geophysical, and sample descriptive logs, drill-stem test reports, core analyses and reports, water analyses, production data, and any other important geologic and engineering data on such wells must be forwarded to the secretary. All of this information is confidential for six months if requested by the operator in writing. The secretary may use confidential production data in calculating total production figures for summarized production reports and other publications.


          Source: 38 SDR 117, effective January 12, 2012.

          General Authority: SDCL 45-9-11, 45-9-13.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 45-9-6, 45-9-7, 45-9-14, 45-9-16, 45-9-17, 45-9-18.


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