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CHAPTER 74:21:02



74:21:02:01 to 74:21:02:34    Repealed.

74:21:02:35                           Definitions.

74:21:02:36                           Classification of operators for certification purposes.

74:21:02:37                           Restricted certificates due to plant or system reclassifications.

74:21:02:38                           Operational categories of plants and systems.

74:21:02:39                           Classes of plants and systems.

74:21:02:40                           Application for examination.

74:21:02:41                           Eligibility of applicant.

74:21:02:42                           Repealed.

74:21:02:43                           Qualifications for Class I certification.

74:21:02:44                           Qualifications for Class II certification.

74:21:02:45                           Qualifications for Class III certification.

74:21:02:46                           Qualifications for Class IV certification.

74:21:02:47                           Substitutions for education requirements for operator certification.

74:21:02:48                           Definitions and substitutions for experience requirements for operator certification.

74:21:02:49                           Examinations.

74:21:02:50                           Fees.

74:21:02:51                           Certificate issued upon fulfillment of requirements.

74:21:02:52                           Annual certificate renewal.

74:21:02:53                           Renewal of expired certificate.

74:21:02:54                           Certification at a higher grade.

74:21:02:55                           Certificate valid for a period of time after unemployment.

74:21:02:56                           Agreements for reciprocal certification.

74:21:02:57                           Suspension of revocation of certificate.

74:21:02:58                           Classification increase based on population equivalent figures.

74:21:02:59                           Census used to determine population served by plant or system.

74:21:02:60                           Point system classification of wastewater treatment plants.

74:21:02:61                           Point system classification of water treatment plants.

74:21:02:62                           Classification of Class I plants and systems.

74:21:02:63                           Classification of Class II plants and systems.

74:21:02:64                           Classification of Class III plants and systems.

74:21:02:65                           Classification of Class IV plants and systems.

74:21:02:66                           "In-line" treatment is part of systems.

74:21:02:67                           Board approval of contract operators.

74:21:02:68                           Contract provisions.

74:21:02:69                           Contract operator qualifications.

74:21:02:70                           Additional water system operators requiring certification.

74:21:02:71                           Special Class I systems.

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