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          74:27:12:03.  Site characterization. An adequate site characterization includes the following:


          (1)  Each of the location standards of chapter 74:27:11 in relation to the proposed site;

          (2)  The number of acres comprising the proposed site;

          (3)  Climatic data, including source and location of data;

          (4)  Local wind patterns;

          (5)  Current land use and zoning within a one-mile radius;

          (6)  Occupied dwellings within a one-mile radius;

          (7)  Water usage, including sources of water and well depths, within a one-mile radius;

          (8)  Surface waters, including wetlands and their classifications, within a one-mile radius;

          (9)  General topography and drainage patterns within a two-mile radius;

          (10)  Existing site information, its source, reliability, and extent;

          (11)  Soil and geologic conditions at the proposed site, including:


               (a)  Soil types and characteristics;

               (b)  Thickness of unconsolidated materials;

               (c)  Lithologic profiles;

               (d)  Fracture patterns; and

               (e)  Unstable/seismic areas;


          (12)  Hydrogeologic conditions at the site, including:


               (a)  Depth to groundwater and the uppermost aquifer;

               (b)  Saturated thickness and lateral extent of potentially impacted aquifers or other pertinent geologic units;

               (c)  The potential for groundwater and uppermost aquifer use for domestic water supplies, livestock watering, and irrigation purposes;

               (d)  Flow rate and flow direction of groundwater; and

               (e)  Ambient quality of groundwater; and


          (13)  The calculations performed to determine the potential for leachate generation at the site.


          The secretary may require presubmission meetings as provided by ยง 74:27:08:05 to discuss the procedures for the site characterization as well as the results of the site characterization.


          The applicant shall include all data, maps, soil boring, logs, and geologic cross-sections identifying the types and characteristics of the geologic materials present; zones of high permeability or fractures; depth to the zone of saturation; calculations for soil characteristics, groundwater flow direction and velocity, surface water drainage direction, and potential leachate generation quantity; well logs; potentiometric surface maps; laboratory analyses; and any other pertinent information with the results of the site characterization.


          Source: 17 SDR 8, effective July 26, 1990; 19 SDR 186, effective June 10, 1993.

          General Authority: SDCL 34A-6-1.6.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34A-6-1.6.


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