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CHAPTER 74:52:02



74:52:02:01        Applicability.

74:52:02:02        Correlation between state and EPA permits.

74:52:02:03        Time to apply for new facilities.

74:52:02:04        Time to reapply for dischargers with currently effective EPA-issued NPDES permits.

74:52:02:05        SWD permit renewals.

74:52:02:06        Continuation of expired permits.

74:52:02:07        Review of applications.

74:52:02:08        Information requirements.

74:52:02:09        Application requirements for new sources and new discharges.

74:52:02:10        Application requirements for existing manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural dischargers.

74:52:02:11        Application requirements for manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural facilities which discharge only nonprocess wastewater.

74:52:02:12        Additional requirements for new dischargers.

74:52:02:13        Application requirements for whole effluent biological toxicity testing by POTWs.

74:52:02:14        Application requirements for POTWs with approved pretreatment programs.

74:52:02:14.01   Application requirements for treatment works treating domestic sewage.

74:52:02:15        Recordkeeping.

74:52:02:16        Service of process.

74:52:02:17        Confidentiality of information.

74:52:02:18        Signatory requirements for permit applications.

74:52:02:19        Signatory requirements for reports.

74:52:02:20        Changes to signatory authorization.

74:52:02:21        Certification of documents.

74:52:02:22        Additional requirements for concentrated animal feeding operations.

74:52:02:23        Repealed.

74:52:02:24        Repealed.

74:52:02:25        Repealed.

74:52:02:26        Repealed.

74:52:02:27        Repealed.

74:52:02:28        Application requirements for new and existing concentrated animal feeding operations.

74:52:02:29        Repealed.

74:52:02:30        Permit requirements for the land application of manure, litter, and process wastewater.

74:52:02:31        Definitions applicable to concentrated aquatic animal production facilities.

74:52:02:32        Designation of small aquatic animal production facility as concentrated aquatic animal production facility.

74:52:02:33        Inspection of small aquatic animal production facilities required before subjecting to SWD regulations.

74:52:02:34        Application requirements for new and existing concentrated aquatic animal production facilities.

74:52:02:35        Criteria for concentrated aquatic animal production facility.

74:52:02:36        Storm water discharges subject to SWD permit regulations.

74:52:02:37        Application requirements for storm water discharges.

74:52:02:38        Definitions applicable to silvicultural activities.

74:52:02:39        Primary industry categories.

74:52:02:40        SWD permit application testing requirements.

74:52:02:41        Organic toxic pollutants in GC/MS fractions.

74:52:02:42        Application requirements for testing other toxic pollutants -- Metals, cyanide, and total phenols.

74:52:02:43        Application requirements for testing conventional and nonconventional pollutants.

74:52:02:44        Application requirements for identifying toxic pollutants and hazardous substances.

74:52:02:45        Certain application requirements suspended for some categories and subcategories of primary industries.

74:52:02:46        General permits.

74:52:02:47        Secretary may require individual permits.

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