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CHAPTER 74:53:01



74:53:01:01        Definitions.

74:53:01:02        Compliance with wastewater system requirements.

74:53:01:03        Review of plans and specifications prior to construction.

74:53:01:04        Existing systems not affected by this chapter -- Exceptions.

74:53:01:05        Existing subdivisions and developments exempted from lot size requirements -- Proviso.

74:53:01:06        On-site wastewater systems to comply with rules.

74:53:01:07        On-site wastewater systems prohibited when public wastewater systems are available.

74:53:01:08        Wastewater to receive primary treatment prior to discharge to absorption system.

74:53:01:09        Types of treatment available to water-carriage wastewater systems.

74:53:01:10        Unconventional systems to be used when water or electrical systems unavailable.

74:53:01:11        Abandoned systems to be disconnected, plugged, dismantled, pumped, removed, and filled.

74:53:01:12        Wastewater not allowed to surface on ground or enter state waters -- Exception.

74:53:01:13        Wastewater not to be discharged into unused wells, gravel pits, or rock formations.

74:53:01:14        On-site wastewater treatment system design and type considerations.

74:53:01:15        Separation required above groundwater or geological formations.

74:53:01:16        Minimum lot size required.

74:53:01:17        Drainage not to enter wastewater systems.

74:53:01:18        Cesspools and pit privies prohibited.

74:53:01:19        Distance between on-site wastewater system components and pertinent ground features.

74:53:01:20        Wastewater flow capacity requirements of residential and nonresidential establishments.

74:53:01:21        Alternative method of determining wastewater flow capacity requirements for commercial or public service establishments.

74:53:01:22        Alternative method of determining wastewater flow capacity requirements for public parks and marinas.

74:53:01:23        Design and construction requirements for septic tanks.

74:53:01:24        Installation requirements for septic tanks.

74:53:01:25        Minimum capacities for septic tanks.

74:53:01:26        Requirements for holding tanks.

74:53:01:27        Dosing or pressure systems required when absorption systems are large.

74:53:01:28        Distribution of septic tank effluent to absorption fields.

74:53:01:29        Percolation tests required prior to approval and installation of absorption system.

74:53:01:30        Manner for conducting percolation test.

74:53:01:31        Determining required absorption system area.

74:53:01:32        Alternative method of determining required absorption trench system area.

74:53:01:33        Absorption or alternative water-carriage system permitted under certain circumstances.

74:53:01:34        Seepage pits allowable.

74:53:01:35        Requirements for an absorption trench.

74:53:01:36        Requirements for an absorption bed.

74:53:01:37        Requirements for a mound or evapotranspiration system.

74:53:01:38        Requirements for a graywater system.

74:53:01:39        Requirements for vault privies.

74:53:01:40        Requirements for unconventional systems.

74:53:01:41        Disposal of septage.

74:53:01:42        Secretary authorized to inspect on-site wastewater systems.

74:53:01:43        Protection of potable water supply.

74:53:01:44        Variances.

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