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          74:53:01:22.  Alternative method of determining wastewater flow capacity requirements for public parks and marinas. In lieu of calculating the wastewater flow capacity required pursuant to § 74:53:01:20, Table 4 may be used to determine wastewater flow capacity for public parks and marinas when the usage cannot be accurately determined. Flow projections, expressed as gallons per fixture per hour, are based on the related statistical flow figures per unit of plumbing fixture. To determine the flow capacity of the system, multiply the number of hours the facility is open by the flow figure for each fixture available as given in Table 4.




Type of Fixture






              Flush Toilets







          Source: 12 SDR 2, effective July 18, 1985; 13 SDR 129, 13 SDR 141, effective July 1, 1987; transferred from § 74:03:01:59, July 1, 1996.

          General Authority: SDCL 34A-2-93.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 34A-2-20.


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