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CHAPTER 74:55:01



74:55:01:01        Definitions.

74:55:01:02        Class III injection wells subject to the provisions of this chapter.

74:55:01:03        Permit required for well injection -- Plans and specifications required.

74:55:01:04        Date of application for new wells.

74:55:01:05        Signatories of permit application.

74:55:01:06        Qualifications for duly authorized representative of signatory.

74:55:01:07        Certification requirements of signatory.

74:55:01:08        Duration of permits.

74:55:01:09        Permit transfer.

74:55:01:10        Issuance of area permit.

74:55:01:11        Authorizing new injection wells under area permit.

74:55:01:12        Secretary's recommendation on permit applications.

74:55:01:13        Notice of recommendation.

74:55:01:14        Recommendation becomes final if uncontested.

74:55:01:15        Contents of petition.

74:55:01:16        Intervention.

74:55:01:17        Answers to petitions.

74:55:01:18        Filing procedures.

74:55:01:19        Hearing date.

74:55:01:20        Notice of hearing.

74:55:01:21        Compliance schedule for permit conditions.

74:55:01:22        Information not considered confidential.

74:55:01:23        Criteria for underground source of drinking water.

74:55:01:24        Designation of exempted aquifers.

74:55:01:25        Information considered for permit issuance.

74:55:01:26        Information required in permit application.

74:55:01:26.01   Technical revisions to an injection permit.

74:55:01:26.02   Permit amendment required.

74:55:01:27        Well inventory information.

74:55:01:28        Determination of influence of injection on groundwater.

74:55:01:29        Well mechanical integrity test.

74:55:01:30        Acceptable methods for mechanical integrity tests -- Report to secretary.

74:55:01:31        Well construction requirements.

74:55:01:31.01   Well construction requirements -- Injection wells.

74:55:01:32        Conducting well logs.

74:55:01:33        Supervision of well construction and testing.

74:55:01:34        Determining information on water-bearing injection zone.

74:55:01:35        Establishment of baseline water quality in new mining areas.

74:55:01:36        Confinement of recovery fluid.

74:55:01:37        Repealed.

74:55:01:38        Monitor well requirements in formation not considered underground source of drinking water.

74:55:01:39        Monitoring subsidence.

74:55:01:40        Minimum requirements for monitor wells.

74:55:01:41        Production area monitor well location and spacing requirements.

74:55:01:42        Nonproduction zone monitoring.

74:55:01:43        Secretary to sample monitor wells.

74:55:01:44        Prohibitions -- Injection volumes and pressure.

74:55:01:45        Repealed.

74:55:01:45.01   Ground water restoration table.

74:55:01:46        Production area operational monitoring requirements.

74:55:01:47        Reporting requirements for injection zone.

74:55:01:48        Duration of monitoring program.

74:55:01:49        Reporting requirements.

74:55:01:50        Verifying analysis.

74:55:01:51        Excursion sampling frequency.

74:55:01:52        Reporting excursions.

74:55:01:53        Remedial action for excursion.

74:55:01:53.01   Excursions -- Controlled.

74:55:01:53.02   Excursions -- Not controlled.

74:55:01:54        Criteria for determination of adequacy of remedial action plan.

74:55:01:55        Ground water restoration requirements.

74:55:01:56        Restoration progress reports.

74:55:01:57        Restoration sampling procedure.

74:55:01:58        Final restoration -- Restoration values achieved.

74:55:01:58.01   Restoration values not achieved.

74:55:01:59        Requirements for plugging wells, drill holes, and the repair and conversion of wells.

74:55:01:59.01   Well plugging records.

74:55:01:59.02   Maintenance and retention of records.

74:55:01:59.03   Corrective actions for improperly sealed wells.

74:55:01:60        Closure of mine site following restoration.

74:55:01:60.01   Postclosure plan -- Estimated costs for postclosure care.

74:55:01:60.02   General postclosure inspection and maintenance activities.

74:55:01:60.03   Postclosure operation of monitoring systems.

74:55:01:60.04   Ground water contamination during the postclosure period.

74:55:01:60.05   End of the postclosure period.

74:55:01:60.06   Public notice for Class III wells.

74:55:01:61        Financial assurance guaranteeing the performance of corrective actions.

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