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CHAPTER 74:56:01



74:56:01:01        Definitions.

74:56:01:02        Underground storage tank defined.

74:56:01:03        Applicability.

74:56:01:04        Performance standards for new UST systems -- General requirements.

74:56:01:05        Performance standards for new UST systems -- Tanks.

74:56:01:06        Performance standards for new UST systems -- Piping.

74:56:01:07        Performance standards for new UST systems -- Spill and overfill protection.

74:56:01:08        Performance standards for new UST systems -- Installation requirements and submission of proof of compliance with requirements.

74:56:01:09        Upgrading of existing UST systems -- General requirements and deadlines.

74:56:01:10        Upgrading of existing USTs -- Specific requirements.

74:56:01:10.01   Replacement of existing UST systems -- Tanks.

74:56:01:10.02   Replacement of existing UST systems -- Piping.

74:56:01:10.03   Installation of under-dispenser sumps.

74:56:01:11        Notification requirements for UST systems.

74:56:01:12        Completion of certification of compliance form for UST systems.

74:56:01:13        Spill and overfill control.

74:56:01:14        Operation and maintenance of cathodic protection.

74:56:01:15        Operation and maintenance of cathodic protection -- Criteria for taking tests.

74:56:01:16        Operation and maintenance of cathodic protection -- Recordkeeping.

74:56:01:17        Compatibility.

74:56:01:18        Repairs allowed -- General requirements.

74:56:01:19        Repairs allowed -- Lining.

74:56:01:20        Repairs allowed -- Fiberglass-reinforced plastic tank systems.

74:56:01:21        Repairs allowed -- Piping.

74:56:01:22        Repairs allowed -- Recordkeeping.

74:56:01:23        Maintenance and availability of records.

74:56:01:23.01   Periodic testing of spill prevention equipment and containment sumps -- General requirements.

74:56:01:23.02   Periodic operation and maintenance walkthrough inspections.

74:56:01:24        Release detection for all UST systems -- General requirements and deadlines.

74:56:01:25        Release detection requirements for regulated substance UST systems -- Excluding hazardous substances.

74:56:01:26        Release detection requirements -- Tank tightness testing and inventory reconciliation.

74:56:01:27        Release detection requirements -- Vapor monitoring.

74:56:01:28        Release detection requirements -- Groundwater monitoring.

74:56:01:29        Release detection requirements -- Automatic tank monitoring.

74:56:01:30        Release detection requirements -- Secondary containment with interstitial monitoring.

74:56:01:31        Release detection requirements -- Manual tank monitoring.

74:56:01:32        Release detection requirements -- Hazardous substance UST systems.

74:56:01:33        Release detection requirements -- Other.

74:56:01:34        Release detection requirements for pressure piping.

74:56:01:35        Release detection requirements for suction piping.

74:56:01:36        Release detection requirements for piping -- Regulated hazardous substances.

74:56:01:37        Release detection requirements for piping -- Authority of department to approve.

74:56:01:38        Recordkeeping.

74:56:01:38.01   Training of owners and operators.

74:56:01:39        Repealed.

74:56:01:40        Reporting of suspected releases.

74:56:01:41        Reporting of spills and overfills.

74:56:01:42        Release investigation and confirmation.

74:56:01:43        Off-site impacts and source investigation.

74:56:01:44        General requirements for corrective action for releases from UST systems.

74:56:01:45        Initial abatement requirements and procedures for releases from UST systems.

74:56:01:46        Additional abatement requirements for hazardous substances.

74:56:01:47        Free product removal.

74:56:01:48        Additional site investigation for releases from UST systems.

74:56:01:49        Soil and groundwater cleanup for releases from UST systems.

74:56:01:50        Repealed.

74:56:01:51        Reporting of hazardous substance releases from UST systems.

74:56:01:52        Temporary removal from use.

74:56:01:53        Temporary closure.

74:56:01:53.01   Bringing UST systems back into service.

74:56:01:54        Permanent closure.

74:56:01:55        Postclosure requirements.

74:56:01:56        Failure to comply.

74:56:01:57        Field constructed tanks/airport hydrant systems.

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