CHAPTER 12:41:07



12:41:07:01 to 12:41:07:02                Repealed.

12:41:07:02.01 and 12:41:07:03  Transferred.

12:41:07:04 to 12:41:07:06                Repealed.

12:41:07:07                                       Entrance permits for bees in colonies infested with varroa mite.

12:41:07:08                                       Repealed.

12:41:07:09                                       Entrance permits for bees in colonies infested with American foulbrood.

12:41:07:10                                       Entrance permits for queen bees and bees in combless packages.

12:41:07:11                                       Entrance permits for bees on comb from states infested with small hive beetle.

12:41:07:12                                       Entrance permits for bees included in a compliance agreement.