Commission Note:  Section 2, ch 3, SL 1977, reads: "The following agencies shall terminate, and any statutes which relate to them shall be void insofar as they relate to the organization, existence, authority or function of such agencies, on June 30, 1978: * * * (3) The athletic commission created by chapter 42-6, * * * "The code commission considers this language to have repealed chapter 42-6.        Further, SDCL 1-26-8.1 reads (in part): "If a statute which authorizes an agency to pass a rule is repealed any rule which was authorized by that statute is void unless there is another valid statute which also authorized the agency to pass that rule." Since all of the citations enumerated in the "General Authority" provisions of Article 20:05 were from SDCL 42-6, the code commission considers ARSD 20:05 to be repealed.