CHAPTER 20:10:35




20:10:35:01        Definitions.

20:10:35:02        Establishment of the register.

20:10:35:03        Procedure for enrollment on the register.

20:10:35:04        Procedure for changing telephone numbers.

20:10:35:05        Fees for registration.

20:10:35:06        Telephone solicitors shall obtain a copy of the register.

20:10:35:07        Telephone solicitors limited in use of register.

20:10:35:08        Telephone solicitors shall pay an annual fee.

20:10:35:09        Annual fee due prior to making telephone solicitation calls.

20:10:35:10        Information required of telephone solicitors.

20:10:35:11        Telephone solicitors are required to make updates from register.

20:10:35:12        Reporting of violations.

20:10:35:13        Information provided for complaints.

20:10:35:14        Investigation of complaints.