20:48:04.01:07.  Nursing tasks that may not be delegated. The following are nursing tasks that a licensed nurse may not delegate to unlicensed assistive personnel:

          (1)  Assessments which require professional nursing judgment, intervention, referral, or follow-up;

          (2)  Formulation of the plan or nursing care and evaluation of the client's response to the care rendered;

          (3)  Specific tasks involved in the implementation of the plan of care which require nursing judgment or intervention, such as sterile procedures involving a wound or anatomical site which could potentially become infected; nasogastric tube feeding; nasogastric, jejunostomy and gastrostomy tube insertion or removal; tracheostomy care and suctioning and suprapubic catheter insertion and removal, with the exception of urinary foley catheterization;

          (4)  Administration of medications, except as permitted by ยงยง 20:48:04.01:10 and 20:48:04.01:11;

          (5)  Receiving telephone orders; and

          (6)  Health counseling and health teaching.

          Source: 21 SDR 13, effective August 7, 1994; 26 SDR 174, effective July 4, 2000.

          General Authority:SDCL 13-33A-2, 36-9-21.

          Law Implemented:SDCL 13-33A-1, 36-9-3, 36-9-4, 36-9-4.1, 36-9-21.