24:40:13:03.  Loss of eligibility due to attendance outside South Dakota. A student is not eligible for the scholarship program if the student attends an institution located outside South Dakota for one or more semesters or quarters. Enrollment in a distance education program offered by an institution located outside South Dakota constitutes attendance outside South Dakota for purpose of this rule. However, if a student attends an institution out of state and then returns to South Dakota to attend a participating institution starting no later than the beginning of the fall term within two years of the student's high school graduation and has met all initial and continuing eligibility requirements for the scholarship program, the student may qualify for a partial scholarship award. A student who entered active military duty immediately after attending an institution out of state may qualify for the scholarship if the student enters the scholarship program within one year of the student's release from active military duty.


          Source: 30 SDR 211, effective July 7, 2004; 35 SDR 187, effective February 12, 2009; 37 SDR 54, effective September 28, 2010.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-55-36.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-55-31, 13-55-34.



          Initial eligibility requirements, § 24:40:13:02.

          Credit hour threshold requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:05.

          Persistence requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:06.

          Grade point requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:07.