24:40:13:12.  Transfer among participating institutions. A student may transfer among participating institutions without losing eligibility if the student makes timely application to transfer before September 20 for the fall semester or by February 15 for the spring semester. The student must also document continued compliance with course load, persistence, and grade point.


          Source: 30 SDR 211, effective July 7, 2004; 35 SDR 187, effective February 12, 2009; 39 SDR 129, effective January 28, 2013.

          General Authority: SDCL 13-55-36.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 13-55-34.



          Credit hour threshold requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:05.

          Persistence requirements for continuing eligibility, § 24:40:13:06.

          Treatment of special enrollments for purposes of eligibility: extra heavy loads, summer sessions, interim sessions, repeated courses, asynchronous distance education courses, § 24:40:13:10.