CHAPTER 41:07:01






41:07:01:01       Definition of terms.

41:07:01:02       South Dakota-Minnesota reciprocal access agreement.

41:07:01:02.01  South Dakota-Nebraska reciprocal access agreement.

41:07:01:02.02  South Dakota-Iowa reciprocal access agreement.

41:07:01:03       Baitfish use restricted.

41:07:01:04       Repealed.

41:07:01:05       No-fishing zones.

41:07:01:06       Artificial lights.

41:07:01:07       Transportation and storage of fish.

41:07:01:07.01  Fish transportation permits.

41:07:01:07.02  Gifting of fish allowed – Conditions.

41:07:01:07.03  Temporary possession of fish allowed for charitable and non-profit organizations -- Permit requirements.

41:07:01:08       Maximum number of hooks and lines allowed.

41:07:01:09       Additional lines allowed for ice fishing.

41:07:01:10       Repealed.

41:07:01:11       Introduction of fish and other species into state waters prohibited.

41:07:01:12       Fishing license fees.

41:07:01:13       Snagging prohibited -- Foul-hooked fish.

41:07:01:14       High-grading of fish prohibited.

41:07:01:15       Repealed.

41:07:01:16       Ice fishing shelter removal deadlines.

41:07:01:17       Liberalized take of silver carp, bighead carp, smelt, and lake herring.

41:07:01:18       Felt sole footwear prohibited.

41:07:01:19       Commercial take of white bass.

41:07:01:20       Authorization for landowner to perform fisheries management activities -- Conditions.