67:42:11:44.  Pets. If a pet is present, indoors or outdoors, the provider must ensure that the following requirements are met:

          (1)  The pet must be in good health, show no evidence of carrying any disease, and be a friendly companion to the children and parents;

          (2)  Wild or dangerous animals such as ferrets, lizards, or other reptiles must be kept in a covered glass container or tank that is inaccessible to children;

          (3)  Potentially aggressive animals such as pit bulls and rottweilers and parrots and other exotic birds must be confined and kept away from the children;

          (4)  Dogs or cats must be immunized for any disease that can be transmitted to humans and must be maintained on a flea, tick, and worm control program;

          (5)  The provider must have documentation, signed by a veterinarian, that the pet has had the required immunizations and that the immunizations are current;

          (6)  The pet's living quarters must be kept clean;

          (7)  Litter boxes must be covered and kept clean in order to eliminate odor; and

          (8)  The pet's food supply may not be accessible to the children.

          Source: 21 SDR 206, effective June 4, 1995; 31 SDR 40, effective September 29, 2004.

          General Authority: SDCL 26-6-16.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 26-6-16.