74:11:01             General provisions, Void.

74:11:02             Required plans, Void.

74:11:03             Permits, Void.

74:11:04             Surface mining standards, Void.

74:11:05             Violations, Void.

74:11:06             Contested cases, Void.

74:11:07            Exploration reclamation plans, Void.

74:11:08             Capping, sealing, and plugging exploration test holes.

74:11:09             Exploration permits, Void.

          Commission Note: Except for §§ 74:11:08:04 to 74:11:08:08, inclusive, the code commission has deleted this article pursuant to SDCL 1-26-8.1 which provides that if a statute authorizing a rule is repealed the rules promulgated thereunder are void. SDCL 45-6A which authorized the promulgation of the rules in this article was repealed by SL 1982, ch 305, § 78.

          By SL 1982, ch 306, § 30 and SL 1982, ch 307, § 35 the code commission was directed to transfer rules concerning the plugging of test holes (§§ 74:11:08:04 to 74:11:08:08, inclusive) to the board of minerals and environment and to replace citations to SDCL 45-6A-6.9 to 45-6A-6.13, inclusive, with SDCL 45-6C-29 and 45-6D-34 when the rules were reprinted.