74:28:01             Administration, Repealed.

74:28:02             Identification and listing of hazardous waste, Repealed.

74:28:03             Standards for generators, Repealed.

74:28:04             Standards for transporters, Repealed.

74:28:05             General requirements for TSD facilities, Repealed.

74:28:06             Manifest system for TSD facilities, Repealed.

74:28:07             Records and reports for TSD facilities, Repealed.

74:28:08             Groundwater monitoring for TSD facilities, Repealed.

74:28:09             TSD facility closure, Repealed.

74:28:10             Container requirements, Repealed.

74:28:11             Requirements for tanks, Repealed.

74:28:12             Requirements for surface impoundments, Repealed.

74:28:13             Requirements for hazardous waste piles, Repealed.

74:28:14             Land treatment requirements, Repealed.

74:28:15             Requirements for landfills, Repealed.

74:28:16             Requirements for incinerators, Repealed.

74:28:17             Requirements for thermal treatment, Repealed.

74:28:18             Requirements for treatment facilities, Repealed.

74:28:19             Requirements for underground injection, Repealed.

74:28:20             Waste explosive disposal, Repealed.

74:28:21             Administration.

74:28:22             Identification and listing.

74:28:23             Standards for generators.

74:28:24             Standards for transporters.

74:28:25             Treatment, storage, and disposal.

74:28:26             Permit requirements.

74:28:27             Management of specific hazardous wastes.

74:28:28             Interim status standards for facilities.

74:28:29             Interim status for existing surface impoundments.

74:28:30             Land disposal restrictions.

74:28:31             Polychlorinated biphenyl, Deleted.

74:28:32             Toxic cleanup day, Executed.

74:28:33             Management of universal hazardous waste.

74:28:34             Special requirements for landfills and surface impoundments.