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12-18-1      Preparation for voting--Booths, electronic ballot marking system, and supplies to be provided--Private voting required.
12-18-1.1      Verification of blank ballots received.
12-18-1.2      Specific duties of precinct superintendent.
12-18-1.3      Repealed.
12-18-1.4      Attendance by election officials during voting and counting.
12-18-1.5      Attendance until polls closed by precinct superintendent and precinct deputies in precincts with counting boards--Attendance by board members during counting.
12-18-2      Repealed.
12-18-3      Electioneering, offices, distracting communications devices, and signature gathering prohibited near polling place--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-18-3.1      Simulated elections--Access to polling place--Impartiality required--Notice to county auditor.
12-18-4      Examination and sealing of ballot box before opening of polls--Closed until counting of vote.
12-18-4.1      Preparation for voting--Booths, electronic ballot marking system, and supplies to be provided--Private voting required.
12-18-5      Poll lists maintained by member of precinct election board.
12-18-5.1      Repealed.
12-18-5.2      Repealed.
12-18-6      Repealed.
12-18-6.1      Voters required to provide identification before voting.
12-18-6.2      Affidavit in lieu of personal identification.
12-18-6.3      Verification of identity--Provisional ballot if identity not verified.
12-18-7      Repealed.
12-18-7.1      Registered persons entitled to vote--Voting on acknowledgment notice--Verification with auditor--Emergency voting card.
12-18-7.2      Voting without acknowledgment notice on verification by auditor--Emergency voting card.
12-18-7.3      Repealed.
12-18-7.4      Affirmation of voter's address.
12-18-8      Repealed.
12-18-8.1      Number of poll watchers set by state board--Rules.
12-18-9      Observation of voting and counting--Poll watchers' positions and accommodations.
12-18-9.1      Poll watchers and waiting voters not to see into booths--Interference with official actions--Violation as misdemeanor.
12-18-9.2      Removal of unauthorized material and disobedient persons--Arrest authorized.
12-18-10      Grounds for challenge of applicant to vote--Determination by judges--Notation on registration list.
12-18-11      Repealed.
12-18-12      Stamping of ballot before delivery to voter.
12-18-13      Use of unauthorized ballot prohibited.
12-18-14      Entry of voting booth or machine by voter.
12-18-15      Voting without delay--Maximum time in booth or machine--Reentry prohibited.
12-18-16      Marking of paper ballot--Form of mark.
12-18-16.1      Marking of optical scan ballot.
12-18-16.2      Repealed.

12-18-17      Repealed.
12-18-18      Repealed.
12-18-19      Repealed.
12-18-20, 12-18-21. Repealed.
12-18-21.1      Repealed.
12-18-22      Repealed.
12-18-23      Return to member of precinct election board of unmarked ballot.
12-18-24      Replacement of spoiled ballots--Marking and preservation.
12-18-25      Assistance of disabled or illiterate voter by person of his choice.
12-18-26      Repealed.
12-18-27      Marked ballot not to be publicized--Immediate deposit in ballot box.
12-18-28      Deposit of folded ballot in ballot box.
12-18-29 to 12-18-31. Repealed.
12-18-32      Packaging and return of unused ballots--Record accounting for ballots.
12-18-33      Comparison of ballot accounting with record of number sent to precinct--Notice and correction of discrepancies.
12-18-34      Repealed.
12-18-35 to 12-18-38. Repealed.
12-18-39      Provisional ballot--Eligibility.
12-18-40      Use of provisional ballot.
12-18-41      Repealed.

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