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13-3-1      Repealed.
13-3-1.1      Superseded.
13-3-1.2      Repealed.
13-3-1.3      Obsolete.
13-3-1.4      General supervision of accredited elementary and secondary schools.
13-3-2 to 13-3-14.      Repealed.
13-3-15      Repealed.
13-3-16 to 13-3-18.      Repealed.
13-3-19      Repealed.
13-3-20 to 13-3-22.      Repealed.
13-3-23      Repealed.
13-3-24      Repealed.
13-3-25, 13-3-26.      Repealed.
13-3-27      Repealed.
13-3-28      Repealed.
13-3-29      Repealed.
13-3-30, 13-3-31.      Repealed.
13-3-32      Repealed.
13-3-33 to 13-3-41.      Repealed.
13-3-42, 13-3-43.      Repealed.
13-3-44      Repealed.
13-3-45      Repealed.
13-3-46      Superseded.
13-3-47      Classification and accreditation of schools.
13-3-48      Standards revision cycle--Content standards.
13-3-48.1      Adoption of uniform content standards drafted by multistate consortium.
13-3-49      Repealed.
13-3-50      Repealed.
13-3-51      Data reporting and record systems--Evaluation--Promulgation of rules--Exception.
13-3-51.1      Definitions regarding privacy of records.
13-3-51.2      Information not subject to survey, analysis, or evaluation without consent.
13-3-51.3      Prohibition against reporting personally identifiable information--Exception.
13-3-51.4      Department to develop security measures to protect personally identifiable information.
13-3-51.5      Disclosure of aggregate data otherwise allowed.
13-3-51.6      Disclosure of aggregate data necessary for impact aid.
13-3-52, 13-3-53.      Repealed.
13-3-54      Repealed.
13-3-55      Academic achievement tests.
13-3-55.1      Repealed.
13-3-55.2      Parental inspection and review of academic achievement test assessment.
13-3-56      Test scores part of permanent record--Release of scores.
13-3-56.1      Cheating on academic achievement test--Investigation.
13-3-56.2      Report of investigation--Consequences of a determination of cheating.
13-3-57      Repealed.
13-3-58      Repealed.
13-3-59      Repealed.

13-3-60      Department to analyze demographics of public education workforce.
13-3-61      Biennial assessment to comply with federal law--Timing.
13-3-62      State accountability system established.
13-3-63      State accountability system based on standards approved by board--Annual academic indicators.
13-3-64      Comparison of students to state's proficient level of academic achievement--Continuous and substantial academic improvement.
13-3-65      Annual determination of each school's progress.
13-3-66      Achievement standards established.
13-3-67      Interventions--Ranking.
13-3-68      Department of Education to implement and administer state accountability system.
13-3-69      Promulgation of rules to establish state accountability system.
13-3-70 to 13-3-72. Repealed.
13-3-73 to 13-3-75. Repealed.
13-3-76 to 13-3-83. Repealed .
13-3-83.1      Repealed.
13-3-84      Partially enrolled student required to take academic achievement test.
13-3-85 to 13-3-88. Repealed.
13-3-89      Public hearings prior to adoption of content standards--Quorum.
13-3-90      Notice of intent to receive public comment and testimony--Notice of hearings.
13-3-91      Cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills to be included in school curriculum.
13-3-92      Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training resources .
13-3-93      Annual survey of cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction--Report to Legislature.
13-3-94      Programs that may be used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction.
13-3-95      CPR and AED instructors.
13-3-96      Annual survey of schools.

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