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13-55-1    Regents prohibited from granting scholarships except as expressly provided.

13-55-2    Free tuition--State educational institutions--Veterans--Period of entitlement.

13-55-2.1    Veterans enrolled at self-supporting off-campus institution entitled to reduced tuition.

13-55-3    Time allowed for use of veterans' benefits.

13-55-4    Veterans' benefits not applicable if federal benefits available.

13-55-5    Determination of eligibility for veterans' benefits.

13-55-6    Free education of children of residents who died during service in armed forces.

13-55-7    Agencies considered armed forces for purpose of qualifying orphans.

13-55-8    Application for veteran's orphan benefits--Determination of eligibility--Rules.

13-55-9    Certificate of eligibility of veteran's orphan--Action of board final.

13-55-9.1    Assistance to dependents of prisoners or missing in action--Definition of terms.

13-55-9.2    Free tuition and fees to dependents.

13-55-9.3    Federal benefits considered.

13-55-9.4    Application to board for benefits--Determination of eligibility--Promulgation of rules.

13-55-9.5    Certificates of entitlement--Disposition of copies.

13-55-9.6    Benefits not lost by return or death of parent.

13-55-9.7    State funds used for benefits.

13-55-10    Free tuition to child or spouse of National Guard member disabled or deceased in line of duty--Administration.

13-55-11    Free tuition and fees for visually impaired persons--Credit hours to which entitled--Qualifying degree of impairment.

13-55-11.1    Certification of visual impairment of beneficiary.

13-55-11.2    Exclusion from tuition and fee exemption.

13-55-12    Visual impairment exemption not applicable to repeat work.

13-55-13    Visual impairment exemption not applicable to private instruction charges.

13-55-14    13-55-14 to 13-55-14.3. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 110, §§ 15 to 18.

13-55-15    13-55-15 to 13-55-19. Repealed by SL 1990, ch 140, §§ 8 to 12

13-55-20    13-55-20. Repealed by SL 2007, ch 110, § 19.

13-55-21    Firefighter, certified law enforcement officer, survivor and emergency medical technician defined.

13-55-22    Free tuition for survivors of certain firefighters, certified law enforcement officers and emergency medical technicians.

13-55-23    Application of legislative exemptions.

13-55-24    Reduced tuition for elementary or secondary teachers or vocational instructors.

13-55-25    Maximum credit hours of reduced tuition for teachers or vocational instructors.

13-55-26    Space in courses limited for reduced tuition participants.

13-55-27    Eligibility of teachers and vocational instructors for reduced tuition.

13-55-28    Benefits not to be used in conjunction with other benefits.

13-55-29    Loss of eligibility for state funded scholarships upon controlled substance violation.

13-55-30    Opportunity scholarship program established.

13-55-31    Eligibility requirements for opportunity scholarship.

13-55-31.1    High school course requirements for opportunity scholarship eligibility.

13-55-31.2    Alternative testing requirements for opportunity scholarship eligibility.

13-55-31.3    Opportunity scholarship eligibility requirements for students who received alternative instruction.

13-55-31.4    Opportunity scholarship requirements for students who have completed one semester at university, college, or technical college.

13-55-32    13-55-32. Repealed by SL 2003, ch 110, § 7, eff. July 1, 2005.

13-55-33    Allocation of scholarship funds--Early graduation--Proration of insufficient funds--Total scholarship amount.

13-55-34    Continuing eligibility requirements for scholarship recipients.

13-55-35    Board of Regents to allocate appropriated funds and other funds received for program.

13-55-36    Board of Regents to promulgate rules.

13-55-37    Hagen-Harvey memorial scholarship program established.

13-55-38    Scholarship board established--Terms--Meetings--Membership--Quorum.

13-55-39    Eligibility for scholarship--Criteria.

13-55-39.1    Authority of board to require information of scholarship applicants.

13-55-40    Scholarship award payments--Amounts.

13-55-41    13-55-41. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 97, § 2.

13-55-41.1    Number of scholarships.

13-55-42    Maintaining eligibility--Criteria--Waiver of criteria--Rescission of award.

13-55-42.1    Alternate award of amount of rescinded scholarship.

13-55-43    Department to support board.

13-55-44    Expenditure authority appropriated to department.

13-55-45    Secretary to approve vouchers and draw warrants.

13-55-46    Department to promulgate rules, criteria.

13-55-47    Jump start scholarship program established.

13-55-48    Eligibility requirements for jump start scholarship program.

13-55-49    Amount of scholarship--Installment payments.

13-55-50    Application for admission to approved institution--Determination of scholarship eligibility--Distribution of funds.

13-55-51    Secretary to transfer appropriated funds for jump start scholarships.

13-55-52    Rejected by referendum.

13-55-62    Teach for America grant program--Duration--Amount of grants.

13-55-63    Annual report to Governor and Legislature on Teach for America grant program.

13-55-64    Critical teaching needs scholarship program--Purpose.

13-55-65    Critical Teaching Needs Scholarship Board.

13-55-66    Basis for critical teaching needs scholarship awards.

13-55-67    Eligible postsecondary institutions.

13-55-68    Critical teaching needs scholarship eligibility criteria.

13-55-69    Grade point average--Written essay or other information.

13-55-70    Amount of critical teaching needs scholarship.

13-55-71    Maintenance of eligibility for critical teaching needs scholarship.

13-55-72    Transferred to § 1-54-21 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 31, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-73    Transferred to § 1-54-22 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 32, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-74    Transferred to § 1-54-23 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 33, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-75    Transferred to § 1-54-24 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 34, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-76    Transferred to § 1-54-25 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 35, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-77    Transferred to § 1-54-26 by SL 2019, ch 235 (Ex. Ord. 19-1), § 36, eff. Apr. 14, 2019.

13-55-78    Board of Regents to promulgate rules.

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