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19-19-101    Scope--Definitions.

19-19-102    Purpose.

19-19-103    Rulings on evidence.

19-19-104    Preliminary questions.

19-19-105    Limiting evidence that is not admissible against other parties or for other purposes.

19-19-106    Remainder of or related writings or recorded statements.

19-19-201    Judicial notice of adjudicative facts.

19-19-301    Presumptions in civil cases.

19-19-302    Presumptions in criminal cases.

19-19-401    Test for relevant evidence.

19-19-402    Relevant evidence generally admissible--Irrelevant evidence inadmissible.

19-19-403    Excluding relevant evidence for prejudice, confusion, waste of time, or other reasons.

19-19-404    Character evidence--Crimes or other acts.

19-19-405    Methods of proving character.

19-19-406    Habit--Routine practice.

19-19-407    Subsequent remedial measures.

19-19-408    Compromise offers and negotiations.

19-19-409    Offers to pay medical and similar expenses.

19-19-410    Pleas, plea discussions, and related statements.

19-19-411    Liability insurance.

19-19-411.1    Statements and actions by health care providers not admissible to prove negligence in medical malpractice actions.

19-19-412    Sex-offense cases--Victim's sexual behavior or predisposition.

19-19-501    Privileges recognized only as provided.

19-19-502    Lawyer-client privilege.

19-19-503    Physician and psychotherapist-patient privilege.

19-19-504    Spousal privilege.

19-19-505    Religious privilege.

19-19-506    Vote at public election.

19-19-507    Trade secrets.

19-19-508    Confidential communications to public officer.

19-19-508.1    Student and counselor, psychologist, or social worker--Exceptions.

19-19-508.2    College or university counselor and student--Exceptions--Qualifications of counselor.

19-19-509    Identity of informer.

19-19-510    Waiver of privilege by voluntary disclosure.

19-19-511    Privilege not waived by involuntary disclosure.

19-19-512    Comment upon or inference from claim of privilege--Instruction.

19-19-513    Motorist's refusal to submit to chemical test of intoxication admissible--Privilege against self-incrimination may not be claimed.

19-19-514    Sign language interpreter or relay service operator privilege.

19-19-515    Mediation privilege.

19-19-516    Communications concerning execution of inmate.

19-19-601    Competency to testify in general.

19-19-602    Need for personal knowledge--Exception for expert opinion.

19-19-603    Oath or affirmation to testify truthfully.

19-19-603.1    Form for oath of witness.

19-19-603.2    Form for affirmation of witness.

19-19-604    Form for oath of interpreter.

19-19-605    Judge's competency as a witness.

19-19-606    Juror's competency as a witness.

19-19-607    Who may impeach a witness.

19-19-608    A witness's character for truthfulness or untruthfulness.

19-19-609    Impeachment by evidence of a criminal conviction.

19-19-610    Religious beliefs or opinions.

19-19-611    Mode and order of examining witnesses and presenting evidence.

19-19-611.1    Address of witness--Release in open court restricted.

19-19-612    Writing used to refresh a witness's memory.

19-19-613    Witness's prior statement.

19-19-614    Court's calling or examining a witness.

19-19-615    Excluding witnesses.

19-19-701    Opinion testimony by lay witnesses.

19-19-702    Testimony by expert.

19-19-703    Bases of opinion testimony by experts.

19-19-704    Opinion on an ultimate issue.

19-19-705    Disclosure of facts or data underlying expert opinion.

19-19-706    Court-appointed expert witnesses.

19-19-707    Experts called by parties.

19-19-801    Definitions that apply to this article--Exclusions from hearsay.

19-19-802    Rule against hearsay.

19-19-803    Exceptions to the rule against hearsay--Regardless of whether the declarant is available as a witness.

19-19-803.1    Physician's written report in lieu of deposition or in-court testimony admissible.

19-19-803.2    Physician's written report--Affidavit--Notice--Objection.

19-19-804    Exceptions to rule against hearsay--When declarant unavailable as witness.

19-19-805    Hearsay within hearsay.

19-19-806    Attacking and supporting the declarant.

19-19-806.1    Statement by child under age thirteen or child with developmental disability regarding sex crime, physical abuse, or neglect.

19-19-806.2    Statements alleging child abuse or neglect.

19-19-807    Residual exception.

19-19-901    Authenticating or identifying evidence.

19-19-902    Evidence that is self-authenticating.

19-19-903    Subscribing witnesses.

19-19-1001    Definitions that apply to this article.

19-19-1002    Requirement of the original.

19-19-1003    Admissibility of duplicates.

19-19-1004    Admissibility of other evidence of content.

19-19-1005    Copies of public records to prove content.

19-19-1006    Summaries to prove content.

19-19-1007    Testimony or statement of a party to prove content.

19-19-1008    Functions of the court and jury.

19-19-1009    TDD and TTY communications inadmissible as evidence.

19-19-1101    Applicability of chapter.

19-19-1102    Title.

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