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26-7A-1      Definition of terms.
26-7A-2      Original jurisdiction of dependency and delinquency proceedings--Effect of custody award in prior divorce proceedings--Application of Indian Child Welfare Act.
26-7A-3      Venue of dependency and delinquency proceedings--Transfer of proceedings.
26-7A-4      No costs or fees assessed against abused or neglected child--Assessment to parents or guardian--Fees permitted against supervised or delinquent child.
26-7A-5      Proceedings in best interest of child.
26-7A-6      Liberal construction for protection of child.
26-7A-7      Interference with court orders as contempt--Punishment.
26-7A-8      Court services officers--Appointment--Duties.
26-7A-9      State's attorneys to represent state and Department of Social Services--Exemption.
26-7A-10      Preliminary investigation by state's attorney--Authorized procedure on basis of investigation.
26-7A-11      Requirements for referral for informal adjustment or action.
26-7A-11.1      Criteria for referral for informal adjustment or action.
26-7A-12      Temporary custody by law enforcement officer or court services officer without court order.
26-7A-12.1      Child in possession of firearms on school property may be taken into temporary custody.
26-7A-13      Court-ordered temporary custody--Noticed hearing--Without noticed hearing.
26-7A-13.1      Hearing by intake officer.
26-7A-13.2      Delivery of juvenile to temporary custodian.
26-7A-14      Temporary care of child by caretaker designated by court--Limitation of temporary custody--Release.
26-7A-15      Notice to parents, guardian, or custodian of child taken into temporary custody--Notice of hearing--Information to Indian custodian or designated tribal agent--Failure to notify.
26-7A-15.1      Proceedings under certain chapters to which the Indian Child Welfare Act applies--Procedures.
26-7A-15.2      Form of notice to parent, custodian, or Indian tribe of child custody proceeding.
26-7A-15.3      Designated tribal agent defined.
26-7A-16      Child held until released by court.
26-7A-17      Notice to state's attorney of child taken into temporary custody--Written report--Notice to court.
26-7A-18      Temporary custody hearing--Best interests of child--Conducted telephonically.
26-7A-19      Options of court following temporary custody hearing for abused or neglected child.
26-7A-19.1      Preference for placement of abused or neglected child with relatives after hearing.
26-7A-19.2      Action by division when relative desires to take temporary or permanent placement of abused or neglected child.
26-7A-20      Release of child in need of supervision after temporary custody hearing--Exceptions.
26-7A-21      Release of delinquent child after temporary custody hearing--Exceptions.
26-7A-22      Temporary custody not an arrest.
26-7A-23      Temporary care, shelter, or detention facilities maintained by board of county commissioners.
26-7A-24      Intercounty contracts for use of facilities.
26-7A-25      County to care for children pending adjudication.
26-7A-26      Detention in jail with adult prisoners prohibited for abused or neglected child-- Temporary detention--Detention with adults for child transferred to adult court.
26-7A-27      Police records of children taken into temporary custody--Confidentiality.
26-7A-28      Release of information on identity of child prohibited except by court order or when child adjudicated delinquent offender.
26-7A-29      Release of information to persons, agencies, or facilities with legitimate interest in child.
26-7A-30      Rights of child and parents, guardian, or custodian--Representation by attorney--Motion for new hearing--Appeal.
26-7A-31      Court appointed attorney--Compensation.
26-7A-32      Lien against property of parents for payment of court-appointed attorney--Exceptions--Limitation.
26-7A-32.1      Definition of terms regarding competency of juvenile.
26-7A-32.2      Incompetent juvenile not subject to chapters 26-8B or 26-8C.
26-7A-32.3      Raising issue of competency.
26-7A-32.4      Competency examination.
26-7A-32.5      Suspension of proceeding pending competency determination.
26-7A-32.6      Examiner's report.
26-7A-32.7      Competency determination hearing.
26-7A-32.8      Burden of proving competence.
26-7A-32.9      Statements by juvenile during competency evaluation not admissible.
26-7A-32.10      Competency may be revisited upon transfer to adult court.
26-7A-32.11      Procedure upon finding that juvenile not competent to proceed but probably will be competent in foreseeable future.
26-7A-32.12      Procedure upon finding that juvenile not competent to proceed and probably will not be competent in foreseeable future.
26-7A-33      Priority in scheduling hearings and trials.
26-7A-34      Conduct of hearings.
26-7A-35      Record of hearings.
26-7A-36      Hearings closed unless court compelled otherwise--Exceptions.
26-7A-36.1      Attendance at juvenile hearings by crime victims.
26-7A-37      Persons authorized to inspect or receive copies of records of court proceedings.
26-7A-38      Protection of identity of witnesses--Violation creates cause of action for civil damages--Contempt.
26-7A-39      Compulsory process for attendance of defense witnesses.
26-7A-40      Witness fees and expenses.
26-7A-41      Physical and mental health examination--Placement in suitable facility--Report.
26-7A-42      Court-ordered protection, support or dental, medical or surgical treatment--Parental consent--Costs.
26-7A-43      Petition alleging abused or neglected child, child in need of supervision or delinquent child--Required information--Verification.
26-7A-44      Summons--Unknown parties--Contents.
26-7A-45      Failure to appear before the court--Contempt.
26-7A-46      Hearing on petition upon waiver of notice.
26-7A-47      Service of summons.
26-7A-48      Publication of summons--Affidavit or certificate of publication.
26-7A-49      Warrant issued against parents, guardian, or custodian.
26-7A-50      Apprehension of child on warrant--Promise of parent, guardian, or custodian to produce child at hearing.
26-7A-51      Failure to produce child at hearing as contempt.
26-7A-52      Bond to secure court appearance of child in need of supervision or delinquent child.

26-7A-53      Appearance and answer by interested parties--Failure as default--Petition taken as admitted by default.
26-7A-54      Advisory hearing before adjudicatory hearing.
26-7A-55      Petition admitted to by all parties--Dispositional hearing--Petition not admitted to--Adjudicatory hearing--Interim order for temporary custody.
26-7A-56      Rules of procedure and evidence apply to adjudicatory hearings--Rules for other hearings prescribed by court.
26-7A-57      Discovery--"Respondent" defined--"Child" defined.
26-7A-58      Inspection by respondent or child of statements made by any respondent or child.
26-7A-59      Request for copy of prior order of adjudication or final decree of disposition.
26-7A-60      Right to inspect, copy, or photograph books, papers, documents, photographs, tangible objects, buildings, or places.
26-7A-61      Right of respondent or child to inspect, copy, or photograph results or reports of physical or mental examinations and scientific tests or experiments.
26-7A-62      Inspection of internal documents of state prohibited--Exceptions--Inspection of statements of state's witnesses prohibited--Exceptions.
26-7A-63      Statement of state's witness or prospective witness not subject to discovery until witness has testified.
26-7A-64      Examination upon request of statement by state's witness relating to subject matter of witness' testimony.
26-7A-65      Excise of nonsubject matter related material from witness' statement to be produced--Appeal.
26-7A-66      Witness' testimony struck from record upon state's attorney's election not to deliver statement to respondent or child.
26-7A-67      "Statement" defined.
26-7A-68      State's attorney may inspect, copy, or photograph documents or objects in possession of respondent or child.
26-7A-69      State's attorney's right to inspect, copy, or photograph physical or mental examination results and reports of scientific tests or experiments.
26-7A-70      State's attorney prohibited from inspection of internal documents made by respondent or child or attorneys in connection with case.
26-7A-71      Notice of additional evidence.
26-7A-72      Court order upon discovery motion.
26-7A-73      Failure of party to comply with discovery provisions.
26-7A-74      Depositions--"Respondent" defined--"Child" defined.
26-7A-75      Depositions only as provided by statute or rule--Motion by party due to exceptional circumstances.
26-7A-76      Notice of deposition--Right of child or respondent to be present--Waiver.
26-7A-77      Manner of taking and filing deposition--Examination and cross examination.
26-7A-78      Deposition enclosed, sealed, and endorsed--Transmitted to county clerk.
26-7A-79      Use of depositions.
26-7A-80      Objections to deposition testimony or evidence--Basis.
26-7A-81      Deposition by agreement of parties not precluded.
26-7A-82      Adjudicatory hearing following advisory hearing--Support of evidence.
26-7A-83      Evidence considered at adjudicatory hearing--Appearance of party preparing reports and materials used as evidence.
26-7A-84      Order to amend petition.
26-7A-85      Child with mental illness or intellectual disability--Suspension of hearing--Examination.
26-7A-86      Final order when allegations not supported by evidence--Additional findings and conclusions for abused or neglected child--Appeal.
26-7A-87      Order of adjudication subject to intermediate appeal--Dispositional proceedings--Interim dispositional decree.
26-7A-88      Examination, investigation, and reports of adjudicated child before final disposition.
26-7A-89      Continuance of case--Custody of child pending disposition--Term of continuance.
26-7A-90      Evidence heard at dispositional hearing--Interim decree--Final decree.
26-7A-91      Notice of entry of order of adjudication or final decree--Service of publication.
26-7A-92      Guardian of placed child.
26-7A-93      Placement subject to availability of space.
26-7A-93.1      Repealed.
26-7A-94      Provisions for payment of custodial care costs.
26-7A-95      Parents' duty to support child--Costs of custodial care payable on demand.
26-7A-96      Acceptance and expenditure of additional funds for custodial care costs.
26-7A-97      Order or decree of guardianship of child--Certified copy as authority for custody--Social studies, clinical reports, and other information transmitted with order.
26-7A-98      Order for payment of, or reimbursement for, support to guardian or conservator or institution--Reasonable payment--Security and enforcement of order--Modification.
26-7A-99      Order of wage assignment for support of child--Discovery of employment--Disobedience as contempt.
26-7A-100      Conservatorship of estate of child.
26-7A-101      Period of continuation of guardianship or conservatorship--Application for new guardian or conservator, restoration to parents or discharge of guardian or conservator.
26-7A-102      Jurisdiction of court.
26-7A-103      Court order for report by guardian or institution.
26-7A-104      Review dispositional hearing to remove guardian or institution or restore child to parents.
26-7A-105      Child not disqualified from public office, civil service, or military service--Not a criminal conviction.
26-7A-106      Proceedings not admissible in criminal or civil action against child.
26-7A-107      Order of protection--Authorized provisions--Termination, modification or extension of order.
26-7A-107.1      Provisions for violation of order of protection.
26-7A-107.2      Violation of order of protection as a misdemeanor .
26-7A-108      Modifying or setting aside order or decree--Hearing required on probation violation or change in legal custody.
26-7A-108.1      Suspension of probationary period under certain conditions.
26-7A-109      Petition for modification or termination of custody decree on change of circumstances.
26-7A-110      Petition for new hearing on ground of new evidence.
26-7A-111      Interstate compacts not affected by provisions.
26-7A-112      Rules of procedure govern appeals--Notice to attorney general.
26-7A-113      Sealing records in action involving abused or neglected child--Inspection.
26-7A-114      Sealing records in action involving child in need of supervision--Inspection .
26-7A-115      Sealing records in action involving delinquent child--Inspection.
26-7A-115.1      Expungement of delinquency record of victim of human trafficking or sexual exploitation.
26-7A-116      Distribution of copies of order sealing records--Inspection of sealed records.
26-7A-117      Maximum age for which committed.
26-7A-118      Parent or guardian required to appear at certain hearings.
26-7A-119      Repealed.
26-7A-120      Confidentiality of records.
26-7A-121      Repealed.
26-7A-122      Court discharge of child from Department of Corrections--Restoration to parent, guardian, or custodian or change in placement--Resisting discharge.
26-7A-123      Department of Corrections to file periodic report on child in custody--Contents of report.
26-7A-124      Judicial review of report--Court may issue show cause order against department.
26-7A-125      Graduated sanctions and incentives program for responding to probation violations.
26-7A-126      Law enforcement treatment as juvenile cited violation--Procedure--Report to state's attorney.
26-7A-127      Action by state's attorney for juvenile cited violation.
26-7A-128      Admission or denial of alleged juvenile cited violation--Procedure.
26-7A-129      Judgment on juvenile cited violation.

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